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  1. Hi, I see that embarcadero supports (in blog) android 5.1 but I can´t deploy. By default says that Install failed older sdk... Changing AndroidManifest.xml > set minSdkVersion = 22 (by default 23) I can deploy but app closes when start Thank you
  2. Hi, I have a embeded web app in native FMX app (ios / android) via TWebBrowser. All works ok, except Window.print. I use PDF js for viewer and print if I use web app directly on safari / chrome printing PDF works ok. Any idea ?
  3. Hello, I have notarized app for use on Mac, the problem is that when user download it from web. If you try to execute on Mac download folder raises an exception "permission denied". How can I avoid this problem ? Any ideas ?
  4. Hello, I would like to know best practices for creating a efficient and fast DBlookcombo. Example: LookupComboBox from UniGui that allows use remote queries. Any ideas ? Thank you
  5. Hello, I would like make a massive insert into same partition key, On C# I see code but not in delphi. Any workaround ?
  6. CarloM

    How to get GPS coords in android - Delphi Sydney

    Thank Dave. works like a charm with Delphi Sydney
  7. Hi, I need to store into DB.sqlite GPS coords in Android, the problem is that I need get all time even if application is not active. I use delphi sydney, any recomendations ? Thank you in advance
  8. CarloM

    Sending email and compose via Outlook

    thank you
  9. CarloM

    Sending email and compose via Outlook

    Thank you, Used this class for years ago ? is it compatible with most outlook (2010.... 365 ) ?
  10. Hello, Last years I used Mapi for compose email and send it via outlook. I found this code that works well on my PC. Anybody can say me what is the best method for compose and send on outlook actually ? const olMailItem = 0; var Outlook, MailItem: OLEVariant; begin try Outlook := GetActiveOleObject('Outlook.Application'); except Outlook := CreateOleObject('Outlook.Application'); end; MailItem := Outlook.CreateItem(olMailItem); MailItem.Recipients.Add('test@gmail.com'); MailItem.Subject := 'your subject'; MailItem.htmlBody := Memo1.Lines.Text; MailItem.Display; Outlook := Unassigned;
  11. CarloM

    Where to put SQLite/MDB database in UWP app

    As I understand... I need to copy manually files to another folder ? I'm surprised...
  12. CarloM

    Where to put SQLite/MDB database in UWP app

    I can't believe the installer can't copy the files directly to the user folder with read and write permissions
  13. CarloM

    Where to put SQLite/MDB database in UWP app

    But, copy manually files on first run ?
  14. CarloM

    Where to put SQLite/MDB database in UWP app

    C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MYAPPNAME_1.0.0.0_x86__ay3z6v4jhrvfp
  15. CarloM

    Where to put SQLite/MDB database in UWP app

    at first time, for current user