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  1. CarloM

    PDF view on Android

    Hello, I need to show a PDF in app, on iOS works well with TWebBrowser, but no in android. Any workaround, component ? Thank you
  2. CarloM

    Screenshots for new app

    Hello, When you add a new app to Apple Store you need send multiple screenshot of running app. But with simulator I can´t run app on new decives (ios 12.4). How can I make screenshot for all devices and for send to app store ? Thank you
  3. CarloM

    TListItem Selected background color

    Hello, I am trying to remove gray selected color that comes by default on TListView Native for iOS I would like to change to white, or remove selected. I tried ShowSelection= false, AllowSelection=false,... but on TListView Native for ios does not work
  4. CarloM

    10.3.2 error install

    Hello, when try to install receive Operation Error: 2019-08-06 07:19:54] [ERROR] A problem occurred during the process. [2019-08-06 07:19:54] [INFO ] Installation End [2019-08-06 07:20:13] [INFO ] Installation Start [2019-08-06 07:20:16] [INFO ] Downloading "Delphi Android Professional"... [2019-08-06 07:20:17] [ERROR] Cannot load data from the server: Problem extracting compressed file. Downloaded file seems to be corrupted. Any idea ?
  5. CarloM

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    Hello Again, when I sign a .exe file... in the resulting exe icon is lost. Any idea ?
  6. CarloM

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    thank you so much,
  7. CarloM

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    thank you, but how can sign *.exe any tutorial ?
  8. Hello, How can I sign digitally my *.exe with a SSL EV ? RAD allows sign it for Windows Apps ? I would like use a cert like this https://www.digicert.com/code-signing/ It is expensive, any recommendation? thank you
  9. CarloM

    ActivityDialog on Android

    If I use timers fgActivityDialog1 freezes when executing the corresponding code, aniindicator is paused
  10. CarloM

    ActivityDialog on Android

    fgActivityDialog.Show; if FormSelector <> nil then FormSelector.Free; FormSelector := nil; Application.CreateForm(TFormSelector, FormSelector); //FormSelector := TFormSelector.Create(self); FormSelector.sClass := pSL.Values['Class']; FormSelector.sFromValue := pSL.Values['KeyFrom']; FormSelector.Field := Field; FormSelector.FCurrentFrame := TFrameList(TFrameClass(FindClass(FormSelector.sClass)).Create(FormSelector)); FormSelector.FCurrentFrame.Name := 'FrameSelector'; FormSelector.FCurrentFrame.Align:=TAlignLayout.alClient; FormSelector.FCurrentFrame.Parent:= FormSelector.Panel; FormSelector.FCurrentFrame.TagFloat := 1; FormSelector.Show; fgActivityDialog.Hide; It works on version prior to Tokyo. Now, activitydialog not shown
  11. CarloM

    ActivityDialog on Android

    Yes, I refer to FMX version. Activity dialog does not show on Android
  12. CarloM

    ActivityDialog on Android

    hello, I have using FGX components on Android successly, but since RAD Tokyo native activity dialog does not work. Any suggestion ?
  13. CarloM

    TOpenDialog.FileName encoding problems on Mac OS

    Hi Remy, I am use a SQLite database in UTF8 mode, I think that all was saved in UT8. on Windows works well
  14. Hello, When I use a OpenDialog.Filename on Mac OS and stores value in a SQlite varchar(255) column no english chars like í, ó,... are converted to ? character. Example: "Sin título.jpg" is converted to "Sin t?tulo.jpg" when stores to database. If I invoke a showMessage(OpenDialog.Filename) it is ok. but when I save: DS.Edit; DS.FieldByName('Nombre').AsString := ExtractFileName(OpenDialog.Filename); DS.Post; or if Assign to a AnsiString var then problem is the same Regards
  15. Hello Dave, In Quality central I uploaded a repoducible demo. https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23976?filter=-2. . Thank you