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  1. Delphi 10.3: Microsoft (R) Build Engine w wersji 4.8.3752.0 [Microsoft .NET Framework w wersji 4.0.30319.42000] Delphi XE2: Microsoft (R) Build Engine w wersji 3.5.30729.9135 [Microsoft .NET Framework w wersji 2.0.50727.9145]
  2. I check it on Delphi 10.3.1 and same command is working but on XE2 is not (using MSBuild).
  3. No, drive Z is not a problem. It is a VeraCrypt drive.
  4. I saw it. My env %TEMP% exist: TEMP=C:\Users\Łukasz\AppData\Local\Temp TMP=C:\Users\Łukasz\AppData\Local\Temp I think Microsoft .NET Framework in version 2.0.50727.9145 corrupts...
  5. No, I've never seen a drf file... I have not any problems with build project using msbuild before last Windows update.
  6. After Windows May 2019 Update was update KB4495620 which increase version Microsoft .NET Framework from 2.0.50727.9136 to 2.0.50727.9145. On early version (9136) msbuild is working (checked on other computer).
  7. Hi, 2 days ago I updated Windows to new May 2019 Update. After that, msbuild has stopped compiling the program. I had error: Project.dpr(121) Fatal: F2039 Could not create output file 'Project.drf' C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\9.0\Bin\CodeGear.Delphi.Targets(157,5): error MSB6006: "dcc" exited with code 1. Done Building Project "Z:\Project1\Project.dproj" (Build target(s)) -- FAILED. Build FAILED. "Z:\Project1\Project.dproj" (Build target) (1) -> (_PasCoreCompile target) -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\9.0\Bin\CodeGear.Delphi.Targets(157,5): error MSB6006: "dcc" exited wit h code 1. 0 Warning(s) 1 Error(s) Maybe you know some help for this error?
  8. I can only open in online reader.
  9. When you press link, the book is on the top of page:
  10. ŁukaszDe

    MSBuild and genearating MapFile

    That's right, I add DCC_MapFile=3 to parameters: msbuild /p:config=Testy;mapfile=Detailed;DCC_MapFile=3 /nologo /target:Build "D:\\Demo\Project.dproj" And the map file was created. Thank you.
  11. ŁukaszDe

    MSBuild and genearating MapFile

    Hi, Do you know how to generate a map file using MSBuil? I try add /p:mapfile=Detailed and this is accepted but map file is not created. When I set option in Linking property of project than map file is created. Command is: msbuild /p:config=Testy;mapfile=Detailed /nologo /target:Build "D:\\Demo\Project.dproj"
  12. Yes, this is the solution. So If I want to use class properties in loops, I need add 'inline' to Get and Set methods?
  13. Hi, I always add properties for private parameters in class with Get and Set methods: TSomething = class private pX: Integer; pY: Integer; function GetX: Integer; procedure SetX(AValue: Integer); function GetY: Integer; procedure SetY(AValue: Integer); public property X: Integer read GetX write SetX; property Y: Integer read GetY write SetY; end; function TSomething.GetX: Integer; begin Result := Self.pX; end; procedure TSomething.SetX(AValue: Integer); begin Self.pX := AValue; end; function TSomething.GetY: Integer; begin Result := Self.pY; end; procedure TSomething.SetY(AValue: Integer); begin Self.pY := AValue; end; But I found a problem with this in Delphi. I attach an example application. Access to class parameter by property with Get is almost 6 times longer than directly access. Why? If you do this in loop for 50000000 objects, than the loop is very sloow... AccessToClassParameters.zip
  14. ŁukaszDe

    CE Tokyo and Rio and FastReport.

    I have Delphi XE2 and Rio 10.3.2. Both with FastReport. When you install FastReport from GetIt, it is installed in wrong path. Default path where FastReports are installed is C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReports. The current installation overwrites the files of the last installed version. After that, you can't uninstall both versions. Fast Report should be installed to different directory. XE2: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReports\FastReport 4 Embarcadero edition" 10.3: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReports\FastReport 6 Embarcadero edition" If you have installed FastReport in C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReports\LibDxx you have to uninstall it first. Where to get the installation? After installation from GetIt, necessary files are in: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\CatalogRepository\Fast_Report_VCL-6.2.1-10.3" Uninstall it and install again in correct directory, never in same with other versions...