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  1. My application is working as Remote Desktop Application. I want the user to copy files (jpg, word, excel, pdf) and paste them in my application, where the files will be processed in blobfields. I found some code to get al the filenames in the clipboard, which works fine, but on the RD you cannot access the users local storage, thus I'm not able to read the file from the original location. How dow I get the data + filename of each file (assuming it is possible to copy-paste multiple files) from the clipboard to storage them in a blobfield? The code I found to get the filenames: var f: THandle; buffer: Array [0..MAX_PATH] of Char; i, numFiles: Integer; begin Clipboard.Open; try f := Clipboard.GetAsHandle(CF_HDROP); if f <> 0 then begin DragQueryFile numFiles := DragQueryFile(f, $FFFFFFFF, nil, 0); for i:= 0 to numfiles - 1 do begin buffer[0] := #0; DragQueryFile( f, i, buffer, sizeof(buffer)); if FileExists(buffer) then begin //process file end; end; end; finally Clipboard.close; end; end;
  2. Fivecord

    Can't use deployed files on iOS

    I'v made an iOS app where I want the user to select the style. In the deployment I have added some fsf-files which have a Remote Path set to StartUp\Documents The style is set via the following code: astylefile := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath, 'BlackRock_iOS.fsf'); TStyleManager.SetStyleFromFile(astylefile); Then I get the error: Cannot open file "/var/mobile/containers/Data/Application/.../Documents/BlackRock_iOS.fsf". No such file or directory. If I inspect the file appname.app, the folder StartUp/Documents is present with the fsf-files in it, so the files are deployed. Thus something prevents my app to access the files? I tried the same in a blank iOS app, where the styles are applied successful. Anybody an idea of what could be wrong?
  3. Hi Guys, I'm will definitely not put the service in the System-folder! 😉 I learned my lesson thanks to you guys! Gtrz
  4. Thanks, now it works. The folder names don't make sense, but we'll learn to live with it.
  5. I created a Service application, put it in the System32 folder and installed it via /install. Now when I want to start the service I get the error message Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified. After finding no help in Google, I created and built a new Service application (thus an empty service project) and also put it in the System32 folder and installed it. When I started it I got the same error. I have absolutely no idea which file can't be found. Do I have a wrong setting somewhere in the project? Anyone have an idea? PS: I'm using Delphi 11 and Windows 10.