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  1. Cedomir Plavljanic

    Funny Code in System.Types

    @SHerlock In 11.3 is changed to class operator TPoint.Explicit(Value: TPoint): TSmallPoint; begin if Value.x < Low(SmallInt) then Result.x := Low(SmallInt) else if Value.x > High(SmallInt) then Result.x := High(SmallInt) else Result.x := SmallInt(Value.x); if Value.y < Low(SmallInt) then Result.y := Low(SmallInt) else if Value.y > High(SmallInt) then Result.y := High(SmallInt) else Result.y := SmallInt(Value.y); end;
  2. Can you correct values for spring4D tests. Numbers element in add parts is to small in comparison with other (probably not problem with test but with text in message).
  3. Parnassus Debugger switch from CPU window to code window on every step
  4. I have a strange problem with TRichEdit. I create a transparent successor to the TRichEdit class with an image as background. If styled is active all work. But if is standard windows active do not work properly. In message WM_ERASEBKGND I first erase background and then paint image but when windows draw content of richedit class it first call FillRect and clear background. This das not happen with styled version. What Delphi change in settings for trichedit in styled version when this approach work? I can not find reason for that. Both version call procedure CallWindowProc from user32 and in this procedure clear again background in standard version but not in style version. See pictures