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  1. Fábio M Valente

    Registration Problem

    Tried for the third time, for moment, solved. Thank you.
  2. Fábio M Valente

    Registration Problem

    Hello, reggards! I'm having a problem with my Registration Code of Delphi. First time occured with 10.3.3 - Rio CE. So, i downloaded a new version, 10.4.2 - Sydney Community Edition. But, the problem still remains. When i run the application the registration form is showed, i put my code, and everything works on registration and show a message "registration key is okay" (some like that). But the IDE don't open and show another form with the message "You are not licensed to use Embarcadero RAD Studio for Windows". Some one know how to fix this? I'm jut trying to study about Mobile and new development architetures. Thank you.