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Found 2 results

  1. Philip Ostle

    Delphi Registration

    A sad tale, The issue of registration of running Delphi has change markedly over the past few years. I have been using Delphi since Delphi 1 and dip in every few years or so to upgrade. Always using a Named User Licence and only occasionally installed it on different machines, so a Named Network User licence was not really needed. I bought Delphi 10.4 early last year and it came with a 1 year maintanance, which expired in March. My main Laptop died (or is in the last thros of death) so I bought a new one and sucessfully installed it on the new machine and started the process of transferring all the stuff I needed to the new machine. Ok, so I renamed the old laptop to '....Old' and renamed my new laptop to something more appropriate but .... when I tried to run Delphi... it wanted to be registerEd again. I though nothing of it so ... I did on the old machine but when I tried on the new machine , I was informed that I had run out of install licences (apparently it is 3 now, it used to be way way more!). I re-named my new laptop back to what it was so at least it would work and ... It needs to register again and won't as I have used up all 3 slots. I read that the number of installs can easily be bumped up so I e-mailed Embarcadero and explained "exactly" what had happened. They refused on the grounds that while they could do it, I needed an active subscription. (see Registrationn Limits below) They pointed out that it was already registered to run on 3 machines. I pointed out that they were the same machines and only the Machine Name had changed... No joy They then tried the "it's a subscription only license and has expired" , but a copy of my licence clearely states "perpetual"...registered to me etc etc. Nowhere does it say anything about being restriced to a machine name. After many lengthy e-mails to Embarcadero, nothing has been resolved. I said 'delete all the previous' .. nope I said increase the counter ... nope I have a working copy on my old laptop (which used up 2x licences due to re-naming) which will be dead soon and I cannot install it on my new laptop even though it has been installed and registered on that machine before. They have said that if I pay for a maintainance, they will happily increase the counter. Is this now ransomware? possibly. Is it counter to the terms and spirit of the lscence agreement? yes. Is it Illegal? probably. This whole issue is due to the licence being registered to the "Machine Name", and not to me ... Or so it seams and it does not keep account of the previous names that the machine had so it can check before it wipes everything out. I do not think it unreasonobale to expect people to rename their computers. people do it all the time. from Embarcadero’s Atanas Popov https://blogs.embarcadero.com/from-the-gm-new-updates-and-changes-to-the-registration-bumps-policy/ Registration Limits We have noticed compliance issues and increased Support efforts related to registration limit increases for customers on older product versions, who are no longer on Update Subscription. It is a standard industry practice to provide support to the most recent versions and to customers who have extended maintenance. We updated our processes and now route all issues raised from users who are not on Update Subscription to Sales and Renewals. We realize this is a change to previous operations and to reduce the impact to development projects, we issued a one-time registration limit increase for all customers who are close to hitting their registration count limit. This should address issues with re-installs of your licensed software on existing or new machines. Further, we will continue to look for options to make this more seamless through automation. Apparently, I have a previous version because I do not have an update subscription. Nor do I want one.! Apparently, they have found no "options to make this seamless" after an extensive search. Be warned DO NOT RENAME YOUR MACHINE I may have to bight the bullet and hand over some cash
  2. Fábio M Valente

    Registration Problem

    Hello, reggards! I'm having a problem with my Registration Code of Delphi. First time occured with 10.3.3 - Rio CE. So, i downloaded a new version, 10.4.2 - Sydney Community Edition. But, the problem still remains. When i run the application the registration form is showed, i put my code, and everything works on registration and show a message "registration key is okay" (some like that). But the IDE don't open and show another form with the message "You are not licensed to use Embarcadero RAD Studio for Windows". Some one know how to fix this? I'm jut trying to study about Mobile and new development architetures. Thank you.