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  1. rvk

    DelphiTwain on 64-bit

    Hard to say what could be the cause without example-source of DLL and calling procedure.
  2. rvk

    DelphiTwain on 64-bit

    On 64 bit it worked for me but I did't have any scan-sources. WIA sources are 32-bit and not visible in 64 bit for me. Installing the VueScan gave me a 64 bit source. What Delphi version do you use? Are you using VLC of FMX? Did you try the DelphiTwain\examples\VCL2\DelphiTwainDemo2 example? (which worked for me on 64 bit)
  3. rvk

    DelphiTwain on 64-bit

    So you provided a "bad value" Here it works fine with VueScan as 64 bit scan-sourcedriver. What/which scannerdriver did you try/use?
  4. rvk

    Suggestions for a message layout

    But that's how we recognize the administrators 😁 (although that information is also under the avatar-hoover.) I find that information useful to see in one glance. Hovering over the avatar hides it too much for me. +1 for the other suggestions although I wonder how much the layout can be changed from the default via themes (because this is based on standard forumsoftware). Ah well, there is always greasemonkey