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  1. It might not be the default font MS Sans which is used. Or there is some font substitution going on. If you look at the image, you definitely see the fonts are different.
  2. Yes. What font does Delphi 7 use. Always the font in which it is designed (font property of the form)? In that case... what font did you set in the form property? If that font isn't available anymore in Windows 11, this could also explain a lot. So specify a font which still exists on W11 or install the font used in D7.
  3. You can also check the default system font size in Windows (do not choose Large letters etc.). But you can begin by setting a default static font and size at startup in Delphi. Otherwise a system font is taken at startup which can be different on every system. And some components get resized according to the fontsize). Application.DefaultFont See https://www.delphipower.xyz/handbook_2009/default_fonts_for_application_and_screen_global_objects.html But it's much easier to do this in a small test program than doing this in your final program.
  4. That would be my first suggestion too... different dpi settings. Weird that's not the case here. Looking at the screenshots there is really something going on with different font/dpi settings. Do you include a manifest.txt in your program/resources? Is this a designed form (not created at runtime)? And is it designed on 100% 96dpi (pixelsperinch)? Is your developing machine Windows 10? With Delphi 7? Scaled etc. shouldn't matter if both are on 100% 96 dpi. In that case Delphi 7 also shouldn't matter because it doesn't do anything if it's just at 100%. Try to make a small test program with just some tlabels and tpanels and see if you that also goes wrong.
  5. rvk


    I also just renewed for 3 years this week. If all goes correctly I will be getting a fourth year for free (including a usb-token) according to the latest offer from Sectigo.
  6. rvk


    SynPDF is part of the mORMot framework. But you can download it and use it as standalone library. See https://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?id=25 Forum is here https://synopse.info/forum/viewforum.php?id=1 Github https://github.com/synopse/SynPDF
  7. rvk

    Zip Compression library

    Yes, That's what I expected. I'm not sure if you can tinker with the buffer settings of TZipForge to achieve the same result. (maybe the bigger the buffer, the faster it sees there is some repetition.) Did you also test CompressionMode 5? (CompressionMode <> CompressionLevel). BTW. Just a stupid question... but did you unzip your Windows-zip to see if the result is correct
  8. rvk

    Zip Compression library

    What happens if you set the CompressionMode to 5? If it's still the same size, can you test with the file from http://mattmahoney.net/dc/textdata.html In that case we are talking about the same file. It could be that your file is extra compressible by the way Windows does it. And if it still does not compare, you might want to post some code.
  9. rvk

    Zip Compression library

    So CompressionMode 5 is better than 9 ?
  10. rvk

    Zip Compression library

    That's with CompressionLevel to clMax. What was the CompressionMode and Zip64Mode setting? If that is the maximum TZipForge can do I guess you can write that one off.
  11. Something simple like this will at least check (2) and (3). It won't check (1) but that should be done at entry (only allow unique student/answer combinations). select student, if((count(*)>1) and (max(answer)>7), 'INVALID', 'Valid') as Result from data1 group by student https://dbfiddle.uk/d-QSR_4l student Result 100 Valid 101 INVALID If you really want to check (1) you can do it with a sub-select with count on total number of answers and total number of unique answers. Something like: select student, if((sum(cnt)<>count(*)) or ((count(*)>1) and (max(answer)>7)), 'INVALID', 'Valid') as Result from ( select student, answer, count(*) as cnt from data1 group by student, answer ) as sub group by student https://dbfiddle.uk/B3JmU1_S student Result 100 Valid 101 INVALID 102 INVALID 103 Valid 104 INVALID
  12. rvk

    SynPdf - wrong colors in PDF export

    Ah, yes, I missed that. There are several online validators and the ones I tried first said they were not PDFA. But others did. Included Color profile: TestSynPdf: ColorSync color profile 2.1, type ADBE, RGB/XYZ-mntr device by ADBE, 560 bytes, 11-8-2000 19:51:59 "Adobe RGB (1998)" TestFastReport: Microsoft color profile 2.1, type Lino, RGB/XYZ-mntr device, IEC/sRGB model by HP, 3144 bytes, 9-2-1998 6:49:00 "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" I think you would need to "hack" SynPDF to include a different profile (at least as I can see there is no property for it yet). Is there a right and wrong in this? I found some source: large.icc: ColorSync color profile 2.1, type APPL, RGB/Lab-prtr device by bICC, 1613600 bytes, 30-8-2007 17:29:41 "MOAB Anasazi Canvas IPF5000.icc" middle.icc: Microsoft color profile 2.1, type Lino, RGB/XYZ-mntr device, IEC/sRGB model by HP, 3144 bytes, 9-2-1998 6:49:00 "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" small.icc: ColorSync color profile 2.1, type ADBE, RGB/XYZ-mntr device by ADBE, 560 bytes, 3-6-1999, relative colorimetric "Adobe RGB (1998)" So SynPDF uses the small.icc (560 bytes) and FastReport uses middle.icc (3144 bytes).
  13. rvk

    SynPdf - wrong colors in PDF export

    Can you compare those PDF's. The one from Fastreport is PDFA-1A. The one from SynPDF is not. Why didn't you create the one from SynPDF to also be PDFA-1A ? (in which case I think there will be an ICC written too)
  14. rvk

    Problem logging into gmail..

    Yes. That includes IMAP access. The complete "Less secure app access" option isn't available anymore. See https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps And I thought App passwords were only available when you switch on 2FA. Other option is OAuth2 (which is even more a pain).
  15. rvk

    FMX and Excel application

    If it's just some values you need it might be easier to just extract the .xlsx and read the values from the sheet1.xml. Also changing them (and rezipping them to a new .xlsx) won't be a problem. Adding value might become somewhat more difficult and needs some understanding of the xml structures.