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    select * from mytable where tname = 'AA' and invno is null or datediff(day, current_date, tdate) >= 10
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    64 bit PostgreSQL and Embarcadero ???

    You should only need the bitness that relates to your binary. But you will also get the same message if the libraries that libpq needs aren't there, so make sure you also have: libeay32.dll libintl-8.dll ssleay32.dll in the same directory. If you still need the 32-bit libpq, you can get it by downloading an old pgadmin.
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    Create a bitmap of selected control?

    Gday, From the Delphi drag and drop example: DragImage := Control.MakeScreenshot; Svc.BeginDragDrop(Self, DragData, DragImage); DragImage is a TBitmap Control is a TControl descendent Regards, Pat
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    libpq.dll for FireDAC?

    If all else fails, Download and install PGAdmin 3.