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  1. i open my manifest on notepad++, so looks like a little different. But i just added "usescleartexttraffic" google published my new version just change targersdkversion
  2. i put a new version like those article. as soon google tell me something ill add here
  3. again with the same old problem: update api level. I installed rad 11.3 Version 28.0.48361.3236, update my sdk manager, delete my delphi configurations and rebuild my app. Well...manifest still in targetSdkVergion =32. Ill add some images for my sdk manager and any more thing thats can someone help me to change for api level 33 (android 13). Any idea ? ths for all
  4. guarasemini

    Any tip with Datasnap Rest ISAPI + TDataModule

    i gone try change the autocreate and others ideias. Tks for all help
  5. guarasemini

    Any tip with Datasnap Rest ISAPI + TDataModule

    usually i use a TDSServerModule and add a TDataModule but, I have other applications with that configuration and only new projects when i add a datamodule just crashed.
  6. guarasemini

    Any tip with Datasnap Rest ISAPI + TDataModule

    I compile two samples, one with datamodule and other without. Boot i compile in D 11.2 and I add in my IIS. boot samples has just samples methods I have 3 other application like those one, and working. dsnap_REST_no_dataModule.rar dsnap_REST_with_dataModule.rar
  7. Hi. I really dont have an ideia what happen. I have a datasnap rest application - windows - ISAPI dynamic link library. Setting: server methods class, simplified dispatcher and server module. Use TDSServerModule. As soon I saved and add on IIS, no problem, I "see" reverse string. But, if I add a TDataModule on that project, note...a dataModule without any component, and update my dll on IIS, just broke everything. I have 3 other applications with those configuration, but if i trie on D 11.2 and adding a dataModule, just broke. If I open an old project, build and update my IIS, its work. So, could someone give a tip how create a rest isapi application and add a dataModule and not crash ? Tks for all Best regards
  8. guarasemini

    Android API31 Rad 11.1

    just a feedback. after 3 days goole play store accepted my app. this delay is unusual, but work. now waiting RAD 11.2 to fix lots of problens. thx for all help and advices
  9. guarasemini

    Android API31 Rad 11.1

    just for a feedback. i changed my template manisfest adding api 31 and exported, sended to google play and after 48h still not avaliable. I have other 2 app and never took more than 8h.
  10. guarasemini

    Android API31 Rad 11.1

    Tks for all help
  11. guarasemini

    Android API31 Rad 11.1

    I changed the variable targetSdkVersion and add "android:exported="true" too. My doubt is: all my app android always update automact my manifest template to the api level installed, in that case, level-31. Why delphi 11.1.5 compile to level-30 ? Google console need level 31. Ill gona try to submit my app with those modifications and wait for embarcadero update.
  12. guarasemini

    Android 11 Support in 10.4.2?

    How about api level 31 ? Is 11.1.5 have support ?
  13. guarasemini

    Android API31 Rad 11.1

    Hello I tried to send a new app android to my Google Play Console, and when i´ve upload my aab I received a mensage that i need api 31 or more. I tried to update my SDK and NDK, reinstall etc etc....so...DO RAD Studio 11.1 has support to API 31 ? My delphi has target platform Android 64bit - Android SDK 26.1.1 (same for 32b) I have this: build-tools;33.0.0 | 31.0.0 | Android SDK Build-Tools 31 | build-tools\31.0.0 emulator | 31.3.10 | Android Emulator | emulator extras;google;usb_driver | 13 | Google USB Driver | extras\google\usb_driver patcher;v4 | 1 | SDK Patch Applier v4 | patcher\v4 platform-tools | 31.0.0 | Android SDK Platform-Tools | platform-tools platforms;android-31 | 2 | Android SDK Platform 31 | platforms\android-31 sources;android-31 | 1 | Sources for Android 31 | sources\android-31