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Found 1 result

  1. Tntman

    Animating TListViewItem

    Hello members! I started learning delphi few months ago and recently i discovered that we can make really beautiful user interfaces with delphi FMX styles. I saw on the internet this animation demo ( This is just a design ) and I wanted to implement it in delphi: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ShamelessConfusedAmbushbug-mobile.mp4 I was thinking to use ListView component in FMX for this with ItemApperance -> DynamicApperance. Everything was cool but i faced one problem. Problem is that I am not sure that TlistViewItem can perform animation when it is been added to the ListView. From my understandings i can only animate "Text1" and other items if i add them -> https://i.imgur.com/Y3SWIsT.jpg There is no option ( or I dont know how to find it ) To animate whole TListItemView when is added to a ListView. **WORKAROUND THAT I HAVE ON MY MIND** I was thinking to drop a ListBox and to add on it "TListBoxItem", after that i would right click it and Go on edit custom style, and try to make it look as i want. I tested this tutorial for editing the look of "TListBoxItem" and it is working nicely: https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/10054/Implementing-a-ListView-in-Firemonkey.html For animation i planned to use this resources ( not tested, i dont know if it will work ) : So what is my question actually, well i would like to achieve similar design and effect from gif that i showed to you. I would like to use ListView with DynamicApperance. I would like to someone confirm me if that is possible and to give me some references or resource material where i could read more about it.. Also if there is someone who would like to give me a code example i would appreciate a lot. From my tests that i performed ( loop 1000 times, and add 1000 items on ListView and ListBox ) I can say that ListBox performed a lot slower so I would prefer ListView for this, also i think that using ListView here is better practice since ListView is more suitable for this situation based on this post: http://www.delphigroups.info/2/8f/544471.html At the end I just want to point out that im using FMX ONLY because i found it easier to make styles, this program is for Windows only platform. I am using Delphi Rio community ( Free version ). I would also like to add that option " Pull to refresh " that you see on that gif is not needed. Thank you for your answers and help! 🙂