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Found 1 result

  1. Stefan Glienke

    Bug: anonymous methods in procedure list

    Anonymous methods normally don't appear in the procedure list (which I don't mind - so even if you decide to list them in the future, please make that optional). However when you have a function/procedure does not have any arguments and you don't write () they appear in the list: procedure Main; var f: TFunc<Integer>; p: TProc; f2: TFunc<Integer,Integer>; p2: TProc<Integer>; begin f := function: Integer begin end; // appears as empty entry in procedure list f := function(): Integer begin end; // does not appear p := procedure begin end; // appears as "begin end" in procedure list p := procedure() begin end; // does not appear p2 := procedure(x: Integer) begin end; // does not appear f2 := function(x: Integer): Integer begin end; // does not appear end;