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Found 3 results

  1. Something curious is occurring in one of my VCL projects: The application works perfectly, and has several buttons, list boxes and one datagrid. The TOP property of only 1 button, the HEIGHT property of the Listobx and the TOP property of the datagrid change back to a fixed value when the form is closed. For example the button in question upon opening after a close unit, is off the form. (top value greater than form height). I move the button so it is visible again on the form. Close form. Open form - button TOP is back to the other value, 'out of sight'. Short solution is to redefine the respective property in the on form create event....? Not a real solution. Is this a DFM issue? This is a new application, other apps - seem ok. Thanks in advance
  2. PenelopeSkye

    Set focus on dialog box button

    I must have performed the search incorrectly because I did not find anything like this, so please point me to wherever I should be looking for answers to this question. I am a newbie to both Delphi\pascal and the forum. I have an app that brings up a search dialog box that leads to a result dialog box. When the result dialog box appears the focus is always on the last button pushed when last in the result dialog box. How do I get a specific button (the OK button) to always have focus no matter what button was last pushed? I tried clicking on the button in the IDE (Delphi 10.3) to see if there was an ActiveControl property in the object inspector but there is not. How can I set focus to the OK button? Thanks!
  3. I'm testing the VCL style in Delphi 10.3 Rio and I wonder if there is a way to include my button's glyph in the vsf file and load the glyph directly from the vsf.