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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I have been using a generic record to convert combo-boxes to enumerated type. But Delphi spits the dummy if the type has any numbers specified. For example with this code the compiler throws up the error message "E2134 Type 'TDDArrangementId' has no type info. In the generic type TypeInfo(T) returns nil. type TDDArrangementId = (daOutstanding = 1, daWeeklyGap, daAmount, daGapAmount); ... procedure Test; var ti: PTypeInfo; begin ti := TypeInfo(TDDArrangementId); But removing the " = 1" makes it all build and run just fine. Can anyone confirm that Delphi's rtti system simply does not handle enumerated types if they are not zero-based? I'm using 10.4 --- Mark