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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, i know a few ways to play with files but never really compared them. classical way with FindFirst() FindNext(), easy handling but slow if searching with '*.*' mask 🙂 PIDL if you know how to deal with em, my opinion very fast but a bit harder to play with. and IOUtils offer TPath, where i have less experience. Wich way should a modern application go if Windows is target? And if speed would be an aspect, what you think might be fastest? as proto code without any code at all // function that retrive a list with matching filenames "FileMask" function FindFiles( const StartPath: String = ''; const FileMask: String = '*.*'; const SubFolder: Boolean = False ): TStrings; var AStrings: TStrings; begin AStrings := TStrings.Create(); try AStrings := CollectData( StartPath, FileMask, SubFolder ); finally Result := AStrings; AStrings.Free; end; end;