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  1. KodeZwerg

    TJsonTextWriter out of memory

    Since you did not told for what purpose you need to have everything stored to memory, another approach can be to use a database and only get/put data that you actual need for current task.
  2. Hopefully that should give the doubters enough courage to vote 👍
  3. Thank you for voting, here is my workaround way to have it scaled properly: procedure ApplyFontAndScale(aForm: TForm); var OldSize : Integer; Font : TFont; begin OldSize := aForm.Font.Size; if Screen.MessageFont.Size <> OldSize then begin Font := TFont.Create; try Font.Assign(Screen.MessageFont); Font.Size := OldSize; aForm.Font := Font; finally Font.Free; end; aForm.ScaleBy(Abs(Screen.MessageFont.Size), Abs(OldSize)); end else aForm.Font := Screen.MessageFont; if aForm.BorderStyle <> bsSizeable then begin if aForm.Height > Screen.WorkAreaHeight then aForm.ScaleBy(Screen.WorkAreaHeight, aForm.Height); if aForm.Width > Screen.WorkAreaWidth then aForm.ScaleBy(Screen.WorkAreaWidth, aForm.Width); end; end; calling within OnCreate event.
  4. You can read what Microsoft write in this link. Using "MS Shell Dlg 2" pseudo font is to be backward compatible i guess. (Would be fatal if from now on that HKEY would lead to Segoe UI, font size would not match on old applications....) Feel free to use the classic Windows XP way, my wish is to be more modern and not support Windows XP.
  5. Good day everone! I did opened this https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-33937 to have Segoe UI (Windows Vista+) as Default Font instead of Tahoma (Windows XP) Stay healthy!
  6. KodeZwerg

    Prevent Alt or Ctrl + Print Screen

    Thank you Mr. Heffernan, that work! type TfrmMain = class(TForm) protected procedure CreateWnd; override; end; implementation procedure TfrmMain.CreateWnd; begin inherited CreateWnd; SetWindowDisplayAffinity(Handle, WDA_MONITOR); end;
  7. KodeZwerg

    Prevent Alt or Ctrl + Print Screen

    SetWindowDisplayAffinity(Application.MainFormHandle, WDA_MONITOR); Does do nothing, did I called it wrong? //edit SetWindowDisplayAffinity(Application.MainFormHandle, WDA_MONITOR or WDA_EXCLUDEFROMCAPTURE); Also not working. (I called it in FormCreate event) Used Capture Software: Screenshot Captor from DonationCoder.com Tested on latest Windows 10 pro.
  8. KodeZwerg

    did Sherlock left DP?

    My worry = corona virus 😞
  9. KodeZwerg

    did Sherlock left DP?

    Good day! I wonder why he does not log in anymore?! Since english DP started he aint active on german DP anymore and now inactive since start of 2021. Is he okay? @Sherlock
  10. KodeZwerg

    Prevent Alt or Ctrl + Print Screen

    Beside analog copy (smartphone) what cant be stopped (but can be a bit mangled if playing with display Hertz) and hooks to eat keyboard you can prevent digital copies (simple screencapture tools) by using overlay to draw screen or write direct to graphic card buffers. Simple Screencapture or Print would end with a black screen.
  11. Equal how you try, it end in a workaround since you publish it with a "write" property.
  12. that i mean, and within your class-code just adjust "_status" to whatever you like. or implement and publish a private setter to adjust only by code not by property if you know what i mean. TMyObject = Class(TObject) strict private _status: String; private procedure mysetter(const AValue: string); public Property Status: String Read _status; End;
  13. Why not dont publish "Read" "Write" at all and access internal the used Variable?
  14. How about BCryptGenRandom from Windows Api? Is that random/quality enough for your needs @Tommi Prami ?
  15. KodeZwerg

    Delphi 5 Printing

    @Geoff88: ShellExecute(Application.Handle, PChar('print'), PChar('A:\Path\to\a\file\to\print.pdf'), PChar(''), nil, SW_HIDE); you can let windows handle everything with that. this would open whatever programm is associated to print that file. //edit if you want full control, customized-printing-in-delphi, here you find everything you need.