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Found 1 result

  1. I have a problem with Delphi Alexandria and it's JSON methods, maybe I just do it wrong and would like to get help. Here is my demo project that show the problem. program Project12; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R *.res} uses Winapi.Windows, System.Classes, System.SysUtils, System.IOUtils, System.JSON; type TMyJsonRec = packed record MyInteger: Integer; MyInt64: Int64; MyUInt64: UInt64; MyDWORD: DWORD; MyDouble: Double; MyBoolean: Boolean; MyString: string; end; procedure SaveJsonToFile(const AJsonObject: TJSONObject; const AFileName: string); var JsonText: string; StreamWriter: TStreamWriter; begin JsonText := AJsonObject.ToString; // is this the problematic part? StreamWriter := TStreamWriter.Create(AFileName, False, TEncoding.UTF8); try StreamWriter.Write(JsonText); finally StreamWriter.Free; end; end; procedure SaveRecordToJson(const ARecord: TMyJsonRec; const AFileName: string); var JsonObject: TJSONObject; begin JsonObject := TJSONObject.Create; try JsonObject.AddPair('MyInteger', TJSONNumber.Create(ARecord.MyInteger)); JsonObject.AddPair('MyInt64', TJSONNumber.Create(ARecord.MyInt64)); JsonObject.AddPair('MyUInt64', TJSONNumber.Create(ARecord.MyUInt64)); // this does not work as I would have thought it does, when it exceed Int64 range it break JsonObject.AddPair('MyDWORD', TJSONNumber.Create(ARecord.MyDWORD)); JsonObject.AddPair('MyDouble', TJSONNumber.Create(ARecord.MyDouble)); JsonObject.AddPair('MyBoolean', TJSONBool.Create(ARecord.MyBoolean)); JsonObject.AddPair('MyString', ARecord.MyString); SaveJsonToFile(JSonObject, AFileName); finally JsonObject.Free; end; end; function LoadRecordFromJson(const AFileName: string): TMyJsonRec; var JsonObject: TJSONObject; begin JsonObject := TJSONObject.ParseJSONValue(TFile.ReadAllText(AFileName)) as TJSONObject; try Result.MyInteger := JsonObject.GetValue('MyInteger').AsType<Integer>; Result.MyInt64 := JsonObject.GetValue('MyInt64').AsType<Int64>; Result.MyUInt64 := JsonObject.GetValue('MyUInt64').AsType<UInt64>; // this does not work as I would have thought it does, when it exceed Int64 range it break Result.MyDWORD := JsonObject.GetValue('MyDWORD').AsType<DWORD>; Result.MyDouble := JsonObject.GetValue('MyDouble').AsType<Double>; Result.MyBoolean := JsonObject.GetValue('MyBoolean').AsType<Boolean>; Result.MyString := JsonObject.GetValue('MyString').Value; finally JsonObject.Free; end; end; var MyRecord1, MyRecord2: TMyJsonRec; begin // Initialize the record MyRecord1.MyInteger := High(Integer); MyRecord1.MyInt64 := High(Int64); MyRecord1.MyUInt64 := High(UInt64); MyRecord1.MyDWORD := High(DWORD); MyRecord1.MyDouble := 123.456; MyRecord1.MyBoolean := True; MyRecord1.MyString := 'Hello, World!'; Writeln('Original record:'); Writeln('MyInteger: ', MyRecord1.MyInteger); Writeln('MyInt64: ', MyRecord1.MyInt64); Writeln('MyUInt64: ', MyRecord1.MyUInt64); Writeln('MyDWORD: ', MyRecord1.MyDWORD); Writeln('MyDouble: ', MyRecord1.MyDouble); Writeln('MyBoolean: ', MyRecord1.MyBoolean); Writeln('MyString: ', MyRecord1.MyString); SaveRecordToJson(MyRecord1, '.\test.json'); MyRecord2 := LoadRecordFromJson('.\test.json'); // Output the loaded record Writeln('Loaded record:'); Writeln('MyInteger: ', MyRecord2.MyInteger); Writeln('MyInt64: ', MyRecord2.MyInt64); Writeln('MyUInt64: ', MyRecord2.MyUInt64); Writeln('MyDWORD: ', MyRecord2.MyDWORD); Writeln('MyDouble: ', MyRecord2.MyDouble); Writeln('MyBoolean: ', MyRecord2.MyBoolean); Writeln('MyString: ', MyRecord2.MyString); ReadLn; end. I am unsure if it is the saving part or the reading part.