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Found 1 result

  1. ertank

    XML FindNode

    Hello, Using Delphi 10.2.3. I have attached xml file. I would like to find specific node (if it exists) in it and retrieve it's value. My node existence check list is: 1- AdditionalDocumentReference (This is an optional node. Can be more than once in XML. I have to loop through all of them to be sure that node I am searching for exists or not. If no such node exists, searched node is certainly not exists) 2- DocumentType = XSLT (I am seaching DocumentType to be "XSLT". if current node is something else, I need to check other AdditionalDocumentReference nodes if there is any) 3- EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject (I need Base64 encoded string of that node) My current code is: uses Xml.OmniXmlDom, // <- this is for Omni XML (only available in XE7 and higher!) Xml.XmlDom, // <- add this (important, otherwise the var DefaultDOMVendor isn’t available) Using "Omni XML" as default DOM provider Xml.XmlDoc, Xml.XmlIntf; procedure DisplayInvoice(const Filename: string); var Xml: IXmlDocument; ElementNode: IXMLNode; BaseNode: IXMLNode; ChildNode: IXMLNode; XSLTBase64: string; begin if not TFile.Exists(Filename) then Exit(); Xml := TXMLDocument.Create(Filename); ElementNode := Xml.ChildNodes.FindNode('Invoice'); if ElementNode <> nil then begin BaseNode := ElementNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('cac:AdditionalDocumentReference', 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance'); // <--- here BaseNode returns nil if BaseNode <> nil then begin ChildNode := BaseNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('DocumentType'); if ChildNode <> nil then begin if ChildNode.Text.ToUpper = 'XSLT' then begin ChildNode := BaseNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('Attachment'); if ChildNode <> nil then begin ChildNode := ChildNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject'); if ChildNode <> nil then begin XSLTBase64 := ChildNode.Text; end; end; end; end; end; end; end; Above code does not take into account multiple AdditionalDocumentReference as I failed to have a working code in the first place. I have also tried not to use namespaces when using FindNode and that also failed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks & regards, Ertan ubl-tr.xml