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Found 1 result

  1. Renate Schaaf

    Using lame_enc.dll to encode to MP3

    I spent some time to have Delphi interface correctly with the Lame-encoder-DLL, so I thought it a good idea to share the result, since I also could not find any good Delphi-code for this on the net. The Lame-source comes with a rudimentary Delphi-header-file, but this has several issues, which I have tried to fix: The file references unnecessary stuff, preventing compilation, easy to fix. The encoding starts at the beginning of the wave-file, thereby encoding the header. This gives a noise at the beginning and can switch the stereo-channels. Fix: Offset the source into the data-section of the wave-file. Since this offset can vary, I have used the utility functions by Kambiz R. Khojasteh (http://www.delphiarea.com) to retrieve the necessary info using WinApi.MMSystem. Lame suggests writing a VBR-Header to the file, even though it's CBR, I have changed the routine accordingly. This way devices can e.g. figure out the duration of the mp3-audio more easily. Instead of file-handles I'm using TFileStream, that seems to speed up encoding considerably. Usage: EncodeWavToMP3(WaveFile, MP3File, Bitrate) WaveFile needs to be 16-bit Stereo, but that could be adjusted. Bitrate is a constant bitrate, for example 128. Support for VBR could be added. If you use it and find something wrong, I'd like to know 🙂 Here is the unit: unit MP3ExportLame; interface Uses System.SysUtils, WinApi.Windows, System.Classes; type // type definitions PHBE_STREAM = ^THBE_STREAM; THBE_STREAM = LongWord; BE_ERR = LongWord; const // encoding formats BE_CONFIG_MP3 = 0; BE_CONFIG_LAME = 256; // error codes BE_ERR_SUCCESSFUL: LongWord = 0; BE_ERR_INVALID_FORMAT: LongWord = 1; BE_ERR_INVALID_FORMAT_PARAMETERS: LongWord = 2; BE_ERR_NO_MORE_HANDLES: LongWord = 3; BE_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE: LongWord = 4; // format specific variables BE_MP3_MODE_STEREO = 0; BE_MP3_MODE_DUALCHANNEL = 2; BE_MP3_MODE_MONO = 3; // other constants BE_MAX_HOMEPAGE = 256; type TMP3 = packed record dwSampleRate: LongWord; byMode: Byte; wBitRate: Word; bPrivate: LongWord; bCRC: LongWord; bCopyright: LongWord; bOriginal: LongWord; end; TLHV1 = packed record // STRUCTURE INFORMATION dwStructVersion: DWORD; dwStructSize: DWORD; // BASIC ENCODER SETTINGS dwSampleRate: DWORD; // ALLOWED SAMPLERATE VALUES DEPENDS ON dwMPEGVersion dwReSampleRate: DWORD; // DOWNSAMPLERATE, 0=ENCODER DECIDES nMode: Integer; // BE_MP3_MODE_STEREO, BE_MP3_MODE_DUALCHANNEL, BE_MP3_MODE_MONO dwBitrate: DWORD; // CBR bitrate, VBR min bitrate dwMaxBitrate: DWORD; // CBR ignored, VBR Max bitrate nQuality: Integer; // Quality setting (NORMAL,HIGH,LOW,VOICE) dwMpegVersion: DWORD; // MPEG-1 OR MPEG-2 dwPsyModel: DWORD; // FUTURE USE, SET TO 0 dwEmphasis: DWORD; // FUTURE USE, SET TO 0 // BIT STREAM SETTINGS bPrivate: LONGBOOL; // Set Private Bit (TRUE/FALSE) bCRC: LONGBOOL; // Insert CRC (TRUE/FALSE) bCopyright: LONGBOOL; // Set Copyright Bit (TRUE/FALSE) bOriginal: LONGBOOL; // Set Original Bit (TRUE/FALSE_ // VBR STUFF bWriteVBRHeader: LONGBOOL; // WRITE XING VBR HEADER (TRUE/FALSE) bEnableVBR: LONGBOOL; // USE VBR ENCODING (TRUE/FALSE) nVBRQuality: Integer; // VBR QUALITY 0..9 btReserved: array [0 .. 255] of Byte; // FUTURE USE, SET TO 0 end; TAAC = packed record dwSampleRate: LongWord; byMode: Byte; wBitRate: Word; byEncodingMethod: Byte; end; TFormat = packed record case Byte of 1: (mp3: TMP3); 2: (lhv1: TLHV1); 3: (aac: TAAC); end; TBE_Config = packed record dwConfig: LongWord; format: TFormat; end; PBE_Config = ^TBE_Config; TBE_Version = record byDLLMajorVersion: Byte; byDLLMinorVersion: Byte; byMajorVersion: Byte; byMinorVersion: Byte; byDay: Byte; byMonth: Byte; wYear: Word; zHomePage: Array [0 .. BE_MAX_HOMEPAGE + 1] of Char; end; PBE_Version = ^TBE_Version; //Headers for Lame_enc.dll (ver. 3.100) Function beInitStream(var pbeConfig: TBE_Config; var dwSample: LongWord; var dwBufferSize: LongWord; var phbeStream: THBE_STREAM): BE_ERR; cdecl; external 'Lame_enc.dll'; Function beEncodeChunk(hbeStream: THBE_STREAM; nSamples: LongWord; var pSample; var pOutput; var pdwOutput: LongWord): BE_ERR; cdecl; external 'Lame_enc.dll'; Function beDeinitStream(hbeStream: THBE_STREAM; var pOutput; var pdwOutput: LongWord): BE_ERR; cdecl; external 'Lame_enc.dll'; Function beCloseStream(hbeStream: THBE_STREAM): BE_ERR; cdecl; external 'Lame_enc.dll'; Procedure beVersion(var pbeVersion: TBE_Version); cdecl; external 'Lame_enc.dll'; // Added header for beWriteVBRHeader Procedure beWriteVBRHeader(MP3FileName: pAnsiChar); cdecl; external 'Lame_enc.dll'; Procedure EncodeWavToMP3(WaveFile, MP3File: string; BitRate: Integer); // BitRate 128 192 256 etc. implementation uses WinApi.MMSystem; { ---------------------------------------- } { The following functions retrieve the necessary info from the input-wave-file. } { Source: } { WaveUtils - Utility functions and data types } { by Kambiz R. Khojasteh } { } { kambiz@delphiarea.com } { http://www.delphiarea.com } function mmioStreamProc(lpmmIOInfo: PMMIOInfo; uMsg, lParam1, lParam2: DWORD) : LRESULT; stdcall; var Stream: TStream; begin if Assigned(lpmmIOInfo) and (lpmmIOInfo^.adwInfo[0] <> 0) then begin Stream := TStream(lpmmIOInfo^.adwInfo[0]); case uMsg of MMIOM_OPEN: begin if TObject(lpmmIOInfo^.adwInfo[0]) is TStream then begin Stream.Seek(0, SEEK_SET); lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset := 0; Result := MMSYSERR_NOERROR; end else Result := -1; end; MMIOM_CLOSE: Result := MMSYSERR_NOERROR; MMIOM_SEEK: try if lParam2 = SEEK_CUR then Stream.Seek(lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset, SEEK_SET); Result := Stream.Seek(lParam1, lParam2); lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset := Result; except Result := -1; end; MMIOM_READ: try Stream.Seek(lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset, SEEK_SET); Result := Stream.Read(Pointer(lParam1)^, lParam2); lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset := Stream.Seek(0, SEEK_CUR); except Result := -1; end; MMIOM_WRITE, MMIOM_WRITEFLUSH: try Stream.Seek(lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset, SEEK_SET); Result := Stream.Write(Pointer(lParam1)^, lParam2); lpmmIOInfo^.lDiskOffset := Stream.Seek(0, SEEK_CUR); except Result := -1; end else Result := MMSYSERR_NOERROR; end; end else Result := -1; end; function OpenStreamWaveAudio(Stream: TStream): HMMIO; var mmIOInfo: TMMIOINFO; begin FillChar(mmIOInfo, SizeOf(mmIOInfo), 0); mmIOInfo.pIOProc := @mmioStreamProc; mmIOInfo.adwInfo[0] := DWORD(Stream); Result := mmioOpen(nil, @mmIOInfo, MMIO_READWRITE); end; function GetWaveAudioInfo(mmIO: HMMIO; var pWaveFormat: PWaveFormatEx; var DataSize, DataOffset: DWORD): Boolean; function GetWaveFormat(const ckRIFF: TMMCKInfo): Boolean; var ckFormat: TMMCKInfo; begin Result := False; ckFormat.ckid := mmioStringToFOURCC('fmt', 0); if (mmioDescend(mmIO, @ckFormat, @ckRIFF, MMIO_FINDCHUNK) = MMSYSERR_NOERROR) and (ckFormat.cksize >= SizeOf(TWaveFormat)) then begin if ckFormat.cksize < SizeOf(TWaveFormatEx) then begin GetMem(pWaveFormat, SizeOf(TWaveFormatEx)); FillChar(pWaveFormat^, SizeOf(TWaveFormatEx), 0); end else GetMem(pWaveFormat, ckFormat.cksize); Result := (mmioRead(mmIO, pAnsiChar(pWaveFormat), ckFormat.cksize) = Integer(ckFormat.cksize)); end; end; function GetWaveData(const ckRIFF: TMMCKInfo): Boolean; var ckData: TMMCKInfo; begin Result := False; ckData.ckid := mmioStringToFOURCC('data', 0); if (mmioDescend(mmIO, @ckData, @ckRIFF, MMIO_FINDCHUNK) = MMSYSERR_NOERROR) then begin DataSize := ckData.cksize; DataOffset := ckData.dwDataOffset; Result := True; end; end; var ckRIFF: TMMCKInfo; OrgPos: Integer; begin Result := False; OrgPos := mmioSeek(mmIO, 0, SEEK_CUR); try mmioSeek(mmIO, 0, SEEK_SET); ckRIFF.fccType := mmioStringToFOURCC('WAVE', 0); if (mmioDescend(mmIO, @ckRIFF, nil, MMIO_FINDRIFF) = MMSYSERR_NOERROR) then begin pWaveFormat := nil; if GetWaveFormat(ckRIFF) and GetWaveData(ckRIFF) then Result := True else if Assigned(pWaveFormat) then ReallocMem(pWaveFormat, 0); end finally mmioSeek(mmIO, OrgPos, SEEK_SET); end; end; function GetStreamWaveAudioInfo(Stream: TStream; var pWaveFormat: PWaveFormatEx; var DataSize, DataOffset: DWORD): Boolean; var mmIO: HMMIO; begin Result := False; if Stream.Size <> 0 then begin mmIO := OpenStreamWaveAudio(Stream); if mmIO <> 0 then try Result := GetWaveAudioInfo(mmIO, pWaveFormat, DataSize, DataOffset); finally mmioClose(mmIO, MMIO_FHOPEN); end; end; end; Procedure EncodeWavToMP3(WaveFile, MP3File: string; BitRate: Integer); var beConfig: TBE_Config; dwSamples, dwSamplesMP3: LongWord; hbeStream: THBE_STREAM; error: BE_ERR; pBuffer: PSmallInt; pMP3Buffer: PByte; done: LongWord; dwWrite: LongWord; ToRead: LongWord; ToWrite: LongWord; // changed from THandle to TFileStream fs, ft: TFileStream; TotalSize: DWORD; // variables to hold the wave info necessary for encoding pWaveFormat: PWaveFormatEx; DataOffset, DataSize, InputSampleRate: DWORD; begin beConfig.dwConfig := BE_CONFIG_LAME; fs := TFileStream.Create(WaveFile, fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyWrite); ft := TFileStream.Create(MP3File, fmCreate or fmShareDenyWrite); try TotalSize := fs.Size; // obtain info from source wave file try if not GetStreamWaveAudioInfo(fs, pWaveFormat, DataSize, DataOffset) then raise Exception.Create ('Unable to obtain necessary info from wave file.'); if (pWaveFormat.nChannels <> 2) or (pWaveFormat.wBitsPerSample <> 16) then raise Exception.Create('Wave format must be 16bit Stereo.'); InputSampleRate := pWaveFormat.nSamplesPerSec; finally FreeMem(pWaveFormat); end; // Structure information beConfig.format.lhv1.dwStructVersion := 1; beConfig.format.lhv1.dwStructSize := SizeOf(beConfig); // Basic encoder setting beConfig.format.lhv1.dwSampleRate := InputSampleRate; beConfig.format.lhv1.dwReSampleRate := InputSampleRate; beConfig.format.lhv1.nMode := BE_MP3_MODE_STEREO; beConfig.format.lhv1.dwBitrate := BitRate; beConfig.format.lhv1.dwMaxBitrate := BitRate; beConfig.format.lhv1.nQuality := 4; beConfig.format.lhv1.dwMpegVersion := 1; // MPEG1 beConfig.format.lhv1.dwPsyModel := 0; beConfig.format.lhv1.dwEmphasis := 0; // Bit Stream Settings beConfig.format.lhv1.bPrivate := False; beConfig.format.lhv1.bCRC := True; beConfig.format.lhv1.bCopyright := True; beConfig.format.lhv1.bOriginal := True; // VBR Stuff // Have it write a VBRHeader, as recommended by Lame, even though it's CBR beConfig.format.lhv1.bWriteVBRHeader := True; beConfig.format.lhv1.bEnableVBR := False; beConfig.format.lhv1.nVBRQuality := 0; error := beInitStream(beConfig, dwSamples, dwSamplesMP3, hbeStream); if error = BE_ERR_SUCCESSFUL then begin pBuffer := AllocMem(dwSamples * 2); pMP3Buffer := AllocMem(dwSamplesMP3); try // Position the source file stream at the beginning of the PCM-data: done := DataOffset; fs.Seek(DataOffset, soFromBeginning); While (done < TotalSize) do begin if (done + dwSamples * 2 < TotalSize) then ToRead := dwSamples * 2 else begin ToRead := TotalSize - done; FillChar(pBuffer^, dwSamples * 2, 0); end; fs.Read(pBuffer^, ToRead); error := beEncodeChunk(hbeStream, ToRead div 2, pBuffer^, pMP3Buffer^, ToWrite); if error <> BE_ERR_SUCCESSFUL then begin beCloseStream(hbeStream); raise Exception.Create('Encoding Error'); end; ft.Write(pMP3Buffer^, ToWrite); done := done + ToRead; end; error := beDeinitStream(hbeStream, pMP3Buffer^, dwWrite); if error <> BE_ERR_SUCCESSFUL then begin beCloseStream(hbeStream); raise Exception.Create('Close Error'); end; if dwWrite <> 0 then begin ft.Write(pMP3Buffer^, dwWrite); end; error := beCloseStream(hbeStream); if error <> BE_ERR_SUCCESSFUL then begin raise Exception.Create('Close Error'); end; finally FreeMem(pBuffer); FreeMem(pMP3Buffer); end; end else begin Raise Exception.Create('InitStream failure'); end; finally fs.free; ft.free; end; beWriteVBRHeader(pAnsiChar(AnsiString(MP3File))); end; end.