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Found 2 results

  1. toufik

    loop a table field

    hello every on , i'm using this code to loop a sqllite database field called 'photos' and not doing the job for me im using a timer for that named tmr1 where is the problem please thank you ps : this loop stop when one of fields value is empty tmr1.Enabled := False; if not FDTableTask.IsEmpty and not FDTableTask.FieldByName('photos').IsNull and FileExists(FDTableTask.FieldByName('photos').asString) then begin FDTableTask.next; // ImageEnView2.PrepareTransition; // ImageEnView2.RunTransition( TIETransitionType( 1 + random( ord( High( TIETransitionType )) - 2 )), 550); // tmr1.Enabled := true; while FDTableTask.EOF do begin FDTableTask.First; end; end; tmr1.Enabled := true;
  2. Not all for loops are created equal.Considerfor x in [value1, value2, value3]You would expect to see x vary in the order of the values in the list. However – if x and the values are of an enumerated type, looping the “list” does NOT loop in the apparent order of the constant, but in the order of the enumerated type declaration, such as it would for any set. Example at: https://larsfosdal.blog/2019/02/18/delphi-pitfalls-enumerated-types-and-for-loops/