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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am using Delphi 10.3.2. I used to parse date string "Tue 17 Sep 2019" in an e-mail message using VarToDateTime() which served its purpose well. Now, format changed to "Sunday, 22 September 2019" and that function is not so helpful as before. I am trying not to manually parse the string as it is due to change in the future, too. My questions are; 1- It is always possible one cannot see a simple solution. I appreciate if you can point me to right existing Delphi solution. I could not make StrToDate() working for me even with TFormatSettings provided and even with several different input strings like "22 September 2019", "22/September/2019", etc. 2- It would be great if anybody have a unit or a function he/she can share which handles provided date format like 'dddd, dd mmmm yyyy' and convert the input string to TDateTime using that given format. I do not know C#. I saw several examples of DateTime.ParseExact() which seems like what I am searching for. I might be completely wrong about that though. Thanks & regards, Ertan