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D4P TStringGrid setting cell values

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I'am using a stringgrid but how can I set the value of a cell. In Delphi it is the property Cells[column, row], but this is in python not accepted. It renders a AttributeError: Error in getting property "Cells".

What is the right way for setting a cellvalue?




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  • Some components have DelphiVCL4Python-specific implementations to access their attributes. For example, to set header text for our first column here, using the SetCells() method as StringGrid.SetCells(0,0,"To-Do") is the Python equivalent of the Delphi Object Pascal StringGrid.Cells[0,0]:= Str("To-Do"); and the C++ StringGrid->Cells[0][0] = Str("To-Do");

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Thank you for the fast response. Is there somewhere documentation of this DelphiVCL4Python-specific implementations?

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