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OverbyteIcsWebSocketCli: Adjustment suggestion

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Good morning !


We had a little trouble debugging this way. Here is a suggested adjustment, if possible.


At OverbyteIcsWebSocketCli.pas, line 954:
            if State in [wsfsCompleted, wsfsNotComplete] then begin
                j := 0;
                for i := 0 to DataBytesInBuf-1 do begin
                  { PData^ := PData^ xor Mask[j]; // Original
                  } {$R-} PData^ := PData^ xor Mask[j]; {$R+} // Suggestion
                    if j > 3 then
                        j := 0;

Thank you for your attention.

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Thanks, I'll look at this when I get back to ICS next week. 


Note, there is an ICS forum for future support, but you don't need to repost this topic.




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