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MARS Linux apache module

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I installed MARS on linux UBUNTU 18.04 server like a module and works fine with "Hello World" sample

I tried to access a MySQL database but I received a "internal server error" without explain

I tried like a console application and works fine ... I can read the database and display the data

One problem maybe is the .ini file
in the console mode I put the file into same folder of application and ok.

in module mode, I tried to put the file into module folder but I think is wrong

Someone tried this scenario?


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yes, there's a bug in the way MARS defaults the filename for the ini file when deployed as Apache module.

As a workaround you can change this line (in Server.Ignition.pas file):






    FEngine.Parameters.LoadFromIniFile(ChangeFileExt(GetModuleName(HInstance), '.ini'));


If your module is located in /etc/apache2/modules/libMyModerverApacheModule.so, the configuration file would be located in the same folder (/etc/apache2/modules/libMyModerverApacheModule.ini).


Here's an easy way to check if your config file gets actually loaded:

1) add a Test entry in your config file


DefaultApp.Test=Hello world!


2) add a config function to one of your resources    

[ApplicationParamFunc] MyConfig: TConfigParamFunc;


3) return the value from one of your REST methods:



I've fixed the issue in develop branch and backported to master as well ( https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/commit/576ecbc5b0798fbec430675be1bcff8fc0ef2600 )


Let me know if this solves your problem.






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