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I purchased "EurekaLog_7.11.0.1_Enterprise_for_RAD_Studio" with source code on January 21, 2021.  The subscription ran out a year later.

Since I purchased source code I decided to upgade EurekaLog so it would work with Rad Studio 12 Athens.

To do this:

I copied the Studio28 folder in the projects directory to Studio29.

In the *.dpk and *.dproj files I replaced 28 with 29.

In the  "\Neos Eureka S.r.l\EurekaLog 7\Source\Common" directory I modified "ElDefines.inc" to add Delphi 12.

With these changes "EurekaLogGroup.groupproj" successfully compiles and in the packages directory a new folder appears "Studio29".  This folder is filled with the 290 bpl files and other files.

When I try to install the packages I get the following message:

"Can't load package E:\Installs\Studio29\EurekaLogExpert290.bpl.
The specified module could not be found."

The bpl's are there.

What is the problem?

Richard Maley

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11 hours ago, CoeurdeLeon said:

Good idea, but I do have it on the Library Path.  

The windows have to find the bpl (dll) to load it and it doesn't know about the library path.

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