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Bjørn Larsen

Attribute issues and wishes

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Hi Andrea, 


I have to start documenting my API's and have looked into a simple solution using Swagger UI.

Based on the Mustache demo I got it working.  (https://petstore.swagger.io/ and specifying the local swagger endpoint from the demo).

(I created a fork and a pull request with the changes I had to do as I think this might be useful for other than me. https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/pull/70/files)


I am not able to get the attribute MetaVisible working. I suppose this is an attribute to hide endpoints from the documentation, or am I wrong?


One other thing that I think would have been nice; is an attribute for specifying the Response.StatusCode for an successful request. 

For instance: a POST request often has StatusCode 201, while DELETE has 204, etc. 

Maybe this attribute could be used in the Metadata classes as well, and end up in the swagger documentation?


Best regards, 


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Hi @Bjørn Larsen,

I will check this out ASAP (probably later in the afternoon).

The MetaVisible attribute was the last one I introduces so I have the fear it is unfinished but I need to check to be sure.


I agree the Swagger generation needs some love and I also have a couple of other contacts looking for the same features.




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