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Mauro Botta

View Canon/Nikon reflex jpeg photo in high quality (Adobe sRGB?)

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I need to view any Canon / Nikon reflex jpeg photos in high quality.

I have tested with RIO, a FMX project with TImageControl.  i have compared the colors and the quality with Canon or Adobe software and FMX, fmx result is very bad, FMX may be... don't support any features of jpeg files ( sRGB ? 32bit ? ) 


A Canon reflex produce 10 / 20 MB file jpeg in very high quality. i need show it in best mode, under Windows 10 today, Next version on iPad...


Best Regards

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I've once done something to solve this.


I think I had to use some windows API or, hmmm... GDI+ thingy to load jpeg file, so it'll make color space conversion.


Can't remember the details. I think it was some kind of GDI+ API thingy.



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