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Grep tool Standalone compilation error under Delphi 11 and 12

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I can't compile the Grep tool under Delphi 11 and 12

[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] GX_FeedbackWizard.pas(406): F2063 Verwendete Unit 'GX_GetIdeVersion.pas' kann nicht compiliert werden

[dcc32 Fehler] GX_GrepExpert.pas(109): E2037 Deklaration von 'Configure' unterscheidet sich von vorheriger Deklaration


Does anybody know how I solve this

it drives me mad


Reversion ia 4206


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The reason is that TGxGrepExpert.Configure needs a parameter while the inherited method TGX_Expert.Configure does not.

No idea yet, what that's the case. I must have changed something that broke this. I'll investigate.


(It doesn't compile with Delphi 2007 and 10.4 either.)

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That was simple:


The GExpertsGrep project includes a copy of the GX_Experts unit that differs from the one in the GExperts DLL. It's stripped down to the bare minimum that is required and when I changed the unit in the GExperts DLL to take that parameter, I forgot to change this copy in the GExpertsGrep project. Simply adding the parameter to the Configure methode made it compile.


There also were some other compilation errors which I have fixed and committed to revision #4207

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