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Attila Kovacs

PlayEnhMetaFile on non visible area

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I'm trying to draw metafiles with "PlayEnhMetaFile" on SynPDF's VCLCanvas (which is a TMetafileCanvas) and somehow the images in my metafile are not drawn if they are vertically below the displays Y resolution. For example, the A4 page has at 96 DPI a height of 1124, the display has a height of 768 or 800 pixels, the metafile should be played at 770 in a height of 120, the images are missing from the result. Textst are drawn but "EMR_STRETCHDIBITS" wont be called in the GDI Enum.

Any help/hint would be greatly appreciated. This drives me crazy.


Ps: On Printer Canvas no problems, on bigger display with bigger resolution the same code is working.

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A metafile canvas can be created with a reference device context handle. If you do not specify one it uses the screen dc as reference. Specify a printer canvas handle as reference, that should work better.

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Indeed, but I can't just pass any random printer DC as reference, what if there is no printer installed at all.

(Not to mention the DPI difference between printer dc and 72 DPI PDF)

I was passing SynPDF's VCLCanvas as reference, but it's the same as I would pass 0, as in SynPDF.pas:


  // retrieve the current reference GDI parameters
  FDC := CreateCompatibleDC(0);

If I replace this with CreateDC(one of my printer) I can indeed print to the bottom of the page, but as I mention, this results in a 600DPI PDF and I can't just pick a random printer.


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I'm just guessing here, since I don't know this component. You may have to use GDI functions like SetViewportExtEx to modify the device context "size" before drawing on it.

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