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How to never hide second form ?

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I've got  2 forms, MainForm, and second form "form2".

form2 is alwasontop and have to be like this everytime.


But when i minimize MainForm, "form 2" minimize too , that not i wanted !


Any idea ?

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It depends on the overall behavior you looking to achieve. The easiest solution might be to change the mainForm to Form2. You can do that in code by setting Application.MainForm. You could use the OnActivate event handler of the individual forms to change the behavior depending on which form is active too.

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hum, MainForm have to enable visible or not Form2, so it may staying MainForm.

But when user minimize MainForm, Form2 have to be visibled, always on top.


I think that in Delphi, whe mainform is minimized, it minimize all project forms by default.

How do "cut" this functionality ?

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What you should probably do is drop a breakpoint and follow all of the code that happens when you minimize the main form. You'll see what is being done in FMX and what you may need to change to get the behavior you want. 

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