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Payment - Monetization - Good international PSP

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I have no idea where to ask for help, but hopefully that post might help other Delphi developers.
I'll try not to make an advertise 😁


I've build a program to help Network Administrator to monitor a network with two editions: Community edition (Free) and Professional Edition (Paid).
The Community edition has the basic functionality and can be upgraded to Professional Edition.
I've build an eStore to control the license and payments ( Delphi / PHP). The application show the modules to purchase and launch a link to the payment service provider (PSP). Once the payment is done, my eStore receives a notification from the PSP, processes it and the license is unlocked.
Currently I'm supporting Paypal for international purchase and Paypal and Cielo for local purchase ( Purchase made in Brazil ).
Both Paypal and Cielo are working flawlessly, but some friends told me that Paypal is not well seen by companies and will search for other application just because "Paypal is not company friendly".
I was wondering if someone has a better experience with some other PSP that can be added/integrated in my store.
As I intend to sell oversea what are the options I have that are "company friendly" that can work with Delphi. I will mostly focus on credit card payment.




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Some time ago I sold shareware games (written on Pascal btw) and used Plimus to receive international payments via cards.

Now its site redirects to bluesnap.com and seems this company does the same thing even cheaper.

And there are many other companies which you can use to receive payments. Most of them can provide all necessary papers for companies/corporations.

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PSP leaves most tax related things to the seller (you). BlueSnap says "Most BlueSnap customers are responsible for collecting taxes themselves. For guidance, please contact a tax specialist.".

For oversea sales, other companies, which also do all tax related processing, might save you some time and money.

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@Georgge and @mjustin

Thanks for the direction. I'm checking a few (including Stripe) and I will include BlueSnap too. There are a lot of options!



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