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Tom F

Why does IDE require UAC elevation when starting?

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6 minutes ago, Brandon Staggs said:

Well, none of that should be necessary. I've never had to run as admin or approve an elevation prompt to use Delphi, including with version 12.

Same for me.


I don't have the registry entry in the AppCompatFlags\Layers.


Delphi 12 works just as should be with a normal level user without beeing elevated.

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@Brandon Staggs and @Lajos Juhász

I agree: none of this should have been necessary.  I've been using Delphi since Delphi 1 and it's only been in the past year that this problem appeared.

I don't know of anything specifically on my machine that might have caused this.  I didn't have the AppCompatFlags/Layers registry entry. I'm running a "stock" Win10 machine with main stream security software.

I suppose it's likely I did something to cause this problem.  But, that it happened on a clean install of D12 surprised me.  It's hard to imagine how the problem came to be.

But, I'm glad it's behind me. 🙂

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16 hours ago, Tom F said:

main stream security software

Some of the worst offending software is "mainstream" anti-malware, in my experience. I have lost count of how many sudden problems were the result of mainstream security software screwing things up. Not saying that is the problem here, but the lengths you went to to make your Delphi IDE start up are extreme and would not happen "naturally" with Windows and the Delphi installer.

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