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I am exporting this source code by using the excellent GExperts Source Exporter:




I am using this export mode, and then click the Copy button, which copies the selected source code to the clipboard:




In a post on https://www.blogger.com, in Compose view, I paste the clipboard content:




Then, I select the inserted text and use the command "Text background colour":




This creates the following result:




However, only the text characters have a dark background. But I want the whole paragraph to have a dark background. (It should look exactly as in the Delphi Source Code Editor).


How can I achieve this?


I have tried tugging the HTML code for many hours but to no avail.

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I have no idea how blogger works and my HTML skills are very rusty since I stopped handcrafting webpages a while ago.

My approach would be to add some CSS for setting the background color for the whole section.

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, Ian Barker said:

You need to use a <PRE> tag and then set the background. This article tells you how: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10349883/can-i-add-a-background-to-a-pre-on-blogger

There are better ways of doing it - I suggest you read this post: https://blog.paoloamoroso.com/2021/10/how-to-add-code-syntax-highlighting-to.html

Setting the color in the pre-tag still sets the background color for the characters and not for the whole paragraph.


Even the method described by paoloamoroso does not work for me.

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