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Exception is swallowed in TCustomWSocket.ASyncReceive

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Hi all,

spent some time just now on investigating a weird bug, it happened to be a memory AV that wasn't reported or caught by my exception handlers. Finally I came to see TCustomWSocket.ASyncReceive which appeared to just silently swallow any exceptions that happen in TriggerDataAvailable. I suppose it should have HandleBackGroundException(E) shouldn't it?


Ver.: 8.58

File: OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas

Line: 8427

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Does seem strange the code eats errors on OnDataAvailable silently while some other events do raise an exception.


I've updated my version to trigger a background exception, but this change is not absolutely backward compatible, applications that don't have OnBgException assigned will now shut down with an exception window, rather than perhaps continuing to ignore the error, maybe good, maybe bad.  This won't go into SVN for a few days, until I've rebuilt and tested all my applications.




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Why not put a try/except in you OnDataAvailable event handler?


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Francois, of course this will do the trick but this means client code must meet some requirements which doesn't seem reliable to me.

Angus, well, have exceptions raised and shown could sound bad but it's really much better than have them swallowed silently IMHO. Unawareness of errors could cause mysterious AVs and other non-relative errors in random places. And all systems that claim to be robust should have bg exceptions handler already ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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