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mutliple forms with thread in each

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Hi All


Delphi 10.3  / OmniThread 3.07.7


I'm playing with forms and threads and I'm a little lost...


From a main form  (FormMaster) , I have a button, when I click on it , it create another form (FormGrid)


in FormGrid (1), I create a class (TFOmniDb) and create everything within the Thread (as the two fish sample)  and update a grid on (1).


now, If I create another FormGrid (2),  and launch  also the thread, then eveything on (1) stop instead of running in background)


Could yoy help me to find the way of doing it ?






TFOmniDb = class
    FId         : string;
    FDo         : TpDo;
    FDm         : TDM;
    FWorker     : IOmniBackgroundWorker;
    FRConfig    : RConnectionConfig;
    FPrcDone    : TOmniWorkItemDoneDelegate;
    FPrcToDo    : TPrcLoadData;

    FOnConnectionOpen : TNotify;

    procedure InitializeDatabase(var taskState: TOmniValue);
    procedure FinalizeDatabase(const taskState: TOmniValue);
    procedure ConnectToDatabase(const workItem: IOmniWorkItem);

    procedure FirstStage(dataModule : TDM);

    procedure LoadData(const workItem : IOmniworkItem);
    Procedure WorkOnData(const Sender: IOmniBackgroundWorker; const workItem: IOmniWorkItem);




procedure TFOmniDb.AfterConstruction;
  then  FWorker := Parallel.BackgroundWorker


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btw ... Delphi 10.3 and omnithread 3.07.7





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You can edit your post up to 24 hours after creating. If you have forgotten something you do not have to add another post.


We have an excellent syntax highlighting for posted code but you have to help the system and surround the code with the code tags.

procedure bla;

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At the end, it has nothing to do with omnithread, I have the same result with the thread class itself.


I'll move my question (and provide sample)  to General Help



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