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keyboard shortcut for activating the code editor

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I think I asked that before: Is there a keyboard shortcut for activating the code editor?


If I remember correctly the answers were: No, but you can use F12 to toggle between form designer and code editor, and F11 for a three way toggle between object inspector, form designer and code editor.


Do I remember correctly?


If yes, I have some good news for those who have missed this functionality (which definitely includes myself):

I have just added a simple expert to GExperts that does nothing else but activate and focus the code editor.


But that raises a question: What should the default keyboard shortcut be for this expert?


So I resurrected Nicholas Ring's Delphi Shortcut Finder, in order to find out what is still available. But unfortunately this tool, useful as it is, basically is only a list of known shortcuts with a filter function, so it might miss shortcuts from possibly widely used tools which I simply don't know.


I first thought about some F11 combination but it turned out that they are already taken, the same goes for F12. Then there is Shift+F3, but I think this is used for "Find Previous" in some tools.


The obvious combinations with the E and C key are also already taken.


Shift+F6 seemed to be free for now. (F6 calls IDE Insight and Ctrl+F6 switches between C++ source and header files.), so I assigned it as the default for the new expert.


Or Is there a widely used plugin that uses Shift+F6?

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I didn't realize fully that you were looking for FREE key combos, not a solution to having a key combo FOR the purpose of going to the editor. My apologies. I STILL think it would be interesting if you found a way to USE KEYLOCK, if it's been disabled for it's express purpose. It's the most unused key on my keyboard. I'll leave the rest of my answer in place because it does deal with the actual mouse/trackball experience I have.


The weird thing, is that it was a need to learn to program in AutoHotKey exercise that got me looking into my OWN tab-switcher in XE7. In reality, I have my left hand on the keyboard and my right (the dominant one) on my very, very, very old Microsoft Trackball Explorer. It's one of life's GREAT tragedies that I was writing the operations software with a company that got bought up by a big concern from the States. All new software (meaning I was a goner) and, as it turns out, new hardware, orphaning TWELVE Trackball Explorers. I could have had them all. They ended up being THROWN OUT IN THE GARBAGE. Double and Triple Sigh. That was last century. My TE gives every bit of evidence it will die and there's not a reasonably good trackball on the market with mostly thumb action on buttons and the scroll wheel and a BIG ball under the fingers. I've bought just about every thing Logitech has produced and their first, the long skinny one, would be the winner if it had a scroll wheel. THAT invention was still years off. I've got pens and trackballs and a couple of lazer mice. Every time the TE gunks up and I clean up the positioning pins and put the wiped off ball back, I get that little bit of relief I didn't kill it on the cleaning table. But it WILL die eventually. I plan to be buried with it.

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