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Windows App Store icon sizes - unplated?

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When I create and run a Windows Store App, my application icon looks very small on the taskbar, compared to other application icons.  It appears to be surrounded by a grey background too, instead of transparent.


After reading around a bit, I suspect I'm getting a 'plated' icon.  How can I get an 'unplated' app icon instead?


I'm using Delphi Rio 10.3 to generate the appx file, and have provided the required UWP 44x44 and 150x150 icons, in addition to the main app icon (which contains 16x16, 24x24, 48x48 and 256x256 images) in Delphi's Options.

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As an experiment I just tried adding a separate copy of the UWP 44x44 icon to the Project Deployment Manager.


I named this copy with the extension '.targetsize-44_altform-unplated' as suggested in Microsoft's documentation.  Then I set its Remote Path to 'Assets\' so it would appear in the Assets folder, and built the app.

No joy - perhaps because the auto-generated AppxManifest.xml file does not contain a path to that icon filename.  When the app is run, its Task Bar icon is still very small and surrounded by a grey 'plate'.  But maybe I'm heading in the right direction.  Anyone have any ideas?  Perhaps Delphi includes an option to customise the generated AppxManifest.xml file somewhere?

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Experiment 2 : In the Project Deployment Manager, simply rename the Remote Name of the original existing 44x44 icon so it ends '.targetsize-44_altform-unplated'.  Rather than trying to provide an additional 44x44 icon.


OK that's more promising - the newly generated AppxManifest.xml icon entry matches the renamed file in the Assets folder:

<uap:VisualElements ... Square44x44Logo="Assets\Logo44x44.targetsize-44_altform-unplated.png" .../>


...but unfortunately the deployed app still runs showing a tiny plated icon in the Task Bar.

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