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Jacek Laskowski

[FireDAC] Query.MergeDataset - how to use?

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How to correctly use the MergeDataset method from TFDQuery?


I have FDQuery and FDMemTable, in FDMemTable I have data copied from FDQuery:


 FDMem.Data: = FDQuery.Data;


...then I modify the record in FDMemTable, and then I extract the differences to a separate FDMemTable:


FDMemDelta.Data := FDMem.Delta;  // <--- delta to data

Finally, I want to save these changes (stored in FDMemDelta as data) to the database, so I do:


FDQuery.MergeDataset(FDMemDelta, TFDMergeDataMode.dmDataMerge, TFDMergeMetaMode.mmNone);


and in FDQuery I see changes ... but I do not know how to force FDQuery to write this changes to the database.

FDQuery.Commit - does not save anything. How commit changes to DB?


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To write changes to the database, try this:

LQueryDest.CachedUpdates := True;
LQueryDest.MergeDataSet( LQuerySource, TFDMergeDataMode.dmDeltaMerge );

Assert( 0 = LQueryDest.ApplyUpdates() );

LQueryDest.CachedUpdates := False;

A record will be saved if its UpdateStatus is Inserted or Modified. 

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