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New RoadMap Delphi 2019/2020

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As a follow-up to our 10.3.2 release that introduced macOS 64-bit support for Delphi, C++17 for Windows 64-bit, new RAD Server tooling, key quality enhancements (addressing 400 customer requests) and more, we are planning a 10.3.3 release, with Delphi Android 64-bit being the key new platform feature.

We received many requests for Android 64-bit from our customers and a 10.3.3 release allows us to deliver this speedily and with full compatibility with apps and code developed in 10.3.2.

Given there is no significant change to the Delphi language and the underlying memory management model in 10.3.3, our customers should be able to migrate their applications to Android 64-bit faster. The same is likely true for component vendors. While we still plan to transition the Delphi language for mobile, removing ARC memory management, this will happen at a later time.

As 10.3.2 adoption is high, upgrading to 10.3.3 should be a faster option than migrating applications to 10.4. 10.3.3 will also include additional features and quality improvements to make 10.3.3 one of RAD Studio’s best versions.

Please keep in mind that the Google Play Store extension for our Delphi and C++Builder customers is in effect for existing 32-bit applications. This allows our customers to provide updates to existing applications in the Google Play Store applications until August 2020, but only after an extension has been granted. 10.3.3 will remove this limitation for Delphi by including complete support for Android 64-bit apps.

We’re planning on kicking off an NDA Beta for the 10.3.3 release, codenamed Sugarloaf, later this month. All customers on Update Subscription will be invited to participate in the Beta and will be able to start migrating their applications even earlier with Beta versions, which will include a specific Beta EULA waiver permitting Google Play Store deployment.

Here’s what’s planned for 10.3.3:

Platform Enhancements

  • iOS 13 & macOS Catalina Support 
  • RAD Server Deployment with Docker 


  • Expand C++ libraries support


  • Android 64-bit platform support

User Experience

  • Further IDE UI/UX Improvements
  • New Downloads/Licensing Portal 

Quality Focus Areas 

  • App Tethering for VCL and FMX
  • IDE Quality 
  • C++ Toolchain performance and quality improvements


With the addition of 10.3.3 this fall, we’re now planning the 10.4 release for early in 2020. As outlined in our May 2019 PM roadmap commentary blog post, 10.4 is going to focus on improved code tooling, language enhancements, VCL High DPI styles, RAD Server enhancements, FireMonkey features and quality and more. 


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