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Gustav Schubert

Give TViewport3D a test flight.

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I made Trimm420.app, and this time I am running a TestFlight for it.




If you always wanted to explore test flight, how it looks, this is an opportunity, just saying!
My goal is to get a screenshot from iPhone X Max.
( If you are running iOS 13 Beta you can provide feedback with a screenshot more easily, they say. )


Info about the app itself:




There is no database and no web access from the app.
It can store a small text file (Trimm-File-Auto.txt) to the app specific Documents folder.
The app does not have many users.
Last published version (2015) was removed from the store because I did not update the app.

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Works well on iPhoneX.

Looks interesting, but I haven't checked all details (too much math in the morning is not good for your mood).


Be aware that you might have only 100 test devices open for this.
How did you set that in the TestFlight , to allow free, unregistered phones ?

I always wanted to check that out, but I don't really need this, since I work mostly with some known phones and testers.

Is the Apple-limit of 100 testers and 100 phones gone now ?

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@Gustav Schubert

Thanks, good to know. I have seen changes some time ago but I havent really checked the details up to now.

Anyway, seeing Apple getting more relaxed is a good thing for developers :classic_biggrin:

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Wow! A good chunk of math anytime in the day!

Help with English?? Looks like you have a pretty good hook on that from the second link, no?

IMHO: A short "ingress" on the page, explaining who/when/how uses this app (i have been on the sea myself but a loooong time ago) would be a boon.

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I needed to look up "ingress" and "boon"in the dictionary, this is the problem.
Very young sailors, sailing in a dinghy (the 420), are measuring things on their boats. But this is mostly nonsense, because of friction in the system (hysteresis). They even buy little mechanical measuring devices to measure forces in the wires. The accuracy of those measurements is also questionable.
The program is an abstraction, uses as simplified model. The math behind it is very basic. You would probably need to use FE software (finite element something) which I don't have (was expensive in the past) to do it properly. The old desktop app (Delphi 2, 1996) got the force from a table (diagram in TPaintbox with line or spline). You only needed to specify the params for the curve (Weg-Kraft-Kennlinie) in order to know the force, based on what was measured on the boat once. From one known force in the 'framework' all others can be computed. The iPad app does not deal with forces at all, just the kinematics of the model.
When the kids use the program, they will not go faster, just have a better understanding of how things work. But the only thing they want to do is going faster!
The app is a toy. And once they are on the water, the wind and the waves will deform the rig in a way I cannot compute.
There is math only in the last paragraph of the page, which I need to rewrite, I know.
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Oops, I pasted text from Visual Studio Code, and it appears with background color. This time I pasted to notepad first, and then into here. ( VS Code gives me at least some spell checking. Since my Windows System is German, I see the red squiggly underlines here in the edit box. ) Can I use markdown?

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