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Steve Maughan

Delphi 10.3 support for Ink / Pen?

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Back when Rio was initially launched I remember Marco mentioning it now supports Windows Pen / Ink. This would enable apps to use the Surface Pen.  I can't find anything in the documentation. Does anyone know of a demo of how to use the Surface Pen with Delphi 10.3?





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Do you mean just using the pen for drawing some stuff (maybe including text recognition)?


Or are we talking about more elaborate things like tilt angle of the pen or using built-in graphical brushes like pencils?


If the first is enough for you, these features have been in Windows since XP. If you don't mind Kraut language, some fine gentleman put together a very decent demo that does text recognition in a VCL application


=> https://www.delphipraxis.net/192146-stift-eingabe-zum-schreiben-auf-tablet.html



By the way: Of course the Microsoft Surface might be the most famous device, but it's not limited to Surface devices. A lot of devices have pen support, some also with tilt support.

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Hi Gunther,


Thanks - I'll take a look. This solution seems to use an ActiveX control. I was hoping to access via WinRT.  





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