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  1. Steve Maughan

    TChromeTabs for Delphi 11?

    Has anyone been able to install TChromeTabs for Delphi 11.1? It's missing a *.groupproj file for Delphi 11. Any steps would be appreciated. It was in GetIt but isn't anymore. Thanks, Steve
  2. Steve Maughan

    Current VCLZip?

    And don't forget about Abbrevia: https://github.com/TurboPack/Abbrevia
  3. Steve Maughan

    Problem with ClientToScreen() on Multiple Monitors

    Hi Remy, I'm using Delphi 10.4.2. We have been unsuccessful in replicating the problem, although I did see it for myself on a Zoom call. At this point I'm going to move on and class it as a strange setup issue. Thanks — Steve
  4. Steve Maughan

    Problem with ClientToScreen() on Multiple Monitors

    I don't have an extra monitor but a colleague has one so we're trying to reproduce. It seem the problem occurs in a configuration of two monitors above the main screen / laptop screen.
  5. Steve Maughan

    Problem with ClientToScreen() on Multiple Monitors

    Thanks Remy, I am actually passing a TPoint (my error when creating the code example). The user is reporting that the application crashes when they right click, and it's corrected when they only have one monitor. Does ClientToScreen work in all cases when the extra monitor is above, below, left and right of the main screen? Steve
  6. Steve Maughan

    Problem with ClientToScreen() on Multiple Monitors

    I found this but it seems to be FMX and, I should have said, my application is VCL. But thanks — Steve
  7. I have a popup menu on a TPaintBox. Up to now I've used the simple code: PopupPoint := PaintBox.ClientToScreen(X, Y); RadialMenu.Popup(PopupPoint.X, PopupPoint.Y); It seem this doesn't work on multi-monitor systems — the Radial Menu isn't visible after the popup and the user thinks the application has crashed. How do I adjust this so it works with multiple monitors? Thanks! Steve
  8. Steve Maughan

    Delphi and stockfish

    Hi Felix, For those unaware of the subject area, I assume you're talking about the chess engine Stockfish. You're going to need to run a console app (stockfish) and then capture the output. For VCL apps you can use DOS Command. It's in GetIt. I'm not sure of this is available for Firemonkey. I hope this helps. Steve
  9. Steve Maughan

    Delphi 64 bit Registration Tools for Windows Apps

    We use OnGuard. It's free and in the GetIt repository. It works perfectly and we haven't been cracked (although our application is not a mass-market consumer product) Steve
  10. Thanks Remy — yes, I've take a look. The examples are threadbare to say the least. Steve
  11. I need to read and parse a large JSON file (of geographic data) as fast as possible. I'd prefer to use Delphi's own classes but I'm not adverse using a third party component if it's measurably faster. What's the best way to do this? Thanks, Steve
  12. I've added a TNotification to my application. After it completes a relatively computationally intensive task it creates and displays the notification using the following code: //-- Create it xNotification := NotificationCenter.CreateNotification; try //-- Process if assigned if assigned(xNotification) then begin xNotification.Name := 'Optimizer'; xNotification.Title := 'AlignMix AI Optimizer'; xNotification.AlertBody := IntToStr(OptScope.TerritoryCount) + ' ' + Project.Alignment.Territory.TerritoryNamePlural + ' created in ' + FormatFloat('#,##0.0', StopWatch.ElapsedMilliseconds / 1000) + ' seconds'; NotificationCenter.PresentNotification(xNotification); end; finally xNotification.Free; end; However, when the EXE is run for the first time outside the IDE the notification has a rather odd caption "Embarcadero.DesktopToasts.02911170" (see image attached). On subsequent runs it has the executable name, minus the ".exe" extension (see image attached). How can I customize the notification caption? I'd like it to simply say "AlignMix" Thanks, Steve
  13. Steve Maughan

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    Hi David, Does your app target Win64 or just Win32? My Win32 component path was fine, it was my Win64 component path that was scrubbed. Steve
  14. So it's a speed thing. Thanks!