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[Firebird] What DB to use for a demo

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Hello all!


I'd like to set up a demo of a dababase-driven desktop application.

I want to use FB 2.5/3.0 and i am wondering if there is a suitable database to use for the demo. I am a bit reluctant to put the effort into employee.fdb.

I do not want to invent some demo database a-new. I'd like something like "Nortwind" (the old access demo).

Preferably there should be alternative runnable "GUIs" for that database so i can show mine is better 😉


Any input is welcome,




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Don't know if correctly understood the question ...

I use IBExpert or DBeaver, they have some kind of demo data generator that can be used.

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@Ruslan, yes, i know about the IBExpert one. There is a copy-right statement that actually do not make the use of it impossible in my context. But i'd have to contact IBExpert. Today i looked at it, but there's only the DB, i did not find any samples built on it or anything else "expanding" the scope. I will check out DBeaver, the name does not incur much confidence though 🙂


So i'd like to maintain this thread for the time being. Thanks!

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