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  1. Maybe a stupid question but not for me at the moment. Need a way to draw rectangles on a canvas and then to make it possible to resize, move, delete or clone. That is needed to automate some process of segmentation objects (same kind of objects by rectangles with same aspect ratio) on a bunch of images (>100K). For now I can draw rectagles on a TImage canvas wthout any questions. But can't figure out how to select that rectangle with mouse, resize it, scale it and move. Or maybe should I look at shapes?
  2. Ruslan

    Delphi Licensing

    Did you try to run the installer with Run As Administrator? Did you installed on the same recovered drive? If not, do you have access to your old drive where RAD was installed?
  3. Ruslan

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    Same thing for me, AV on start
  4. Ruslan

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    If the question is about of language choice, than I would recommend (as I do for my projects): first of all I would prefer python for scientific calculations and operations, but I don't like it because of its script language and I couldn't compile it in a lib/dll/exe, even if I do use it in some projects than, if the choice for scientific calculations and operations was not in favor of python, I would chose C++, it could be used to build DLLs for later use and last but not least, I prefer Delphi for visual/database/networking applications programming, here I can use my DLLs created in C++ What I wanted to say is that you should not stop looking in one direction, there is no just one solution for developing a project, its up to you what to chose, but need to think before and model your project before all.
  5. Ruslan

    [Firebird] What DB to use for a demo

    Don't know if correctly understood the question ... I use IBExpert or DBeaver, they have some kind of demo data generator that can be used.
  6. Ruslan

    GetIt work-around

    So it was not "my" fault because my GetIt couldn't establish a connection for some days
  7. Ruslan

    Looking for beta testers of TFrameStand and TFormStand

    Trying to find Release Notes or Change log. Is there some of this?
  8. Ruslan

    Looking for beta testers of TFrameStand and TFormStand

    Would like to test new features and versions. Do use it in one of my products.
  9. Usualy I use "returning" to get the value of new autoincremented field (Firebird).
  10. I would use variables. Create a variable and place it in a place, then with F.frxReport do begin ... Variables.Variables['my_var'] := my_value; ... end; There is a way to edit textarea's but never used that.
  11. Ruslan

    aItem := nil

    These are just 2 ways of usage (in a constructor "OR" as iterator) as was written that is the answer I was expected for iterators so I guess if a pointer is declared in a method that is used to fill a Dictionary, List or ObjectList than it is not needed to set it to nil at the end
  12. Ruslan

    aItem := nil

    I do not need to free the object, I use the variable as a iterator in a Dictionary or ObjectList, so the items in them do not need to be freed. I don't have problems o memory leaks, all the objects a freed where should be, I have just some messages in building the project. Please read again my question.
  13. Ruslan

    aItem := nil

    I use a lot of class/pointer variables (e.g. aItem := TItem.Create; or as iterations in Dictionary or ObjectLists) inside methods as local and temporary variables, at the end of each method I used to write "aItem := nil;" if no longer need that. In building the application I see a lot of "H2077 Value assigned to 'aItem' never used". Also in some functions I used to write the default Boolean Result value at the beginning as "False", and the builder show in messages "H2077 Value assigned to <function> never used". What is the right way of freeing the local class variables (without loosing the data) and default function result values?
  14. Ruslan

    Error in LAction.Target := nil

    Solved that by adding folowing code into buttons' actions TDelayedAction.Execute(50 , procedure begin // action code end );
  15. Ruslan

    Error in LAction.Target := nil

    I use TFrameStand (using Wizard demo), on a frame there are buttons with actions, on destroying the frame a AV error shows up from FMX.Controls TControl.CLick (line 4314) if LAction <> nil then LAction.Target := nil; LAction is not nil but all its members are. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?