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  1. Ruslan


    Is you are using FireDAC than transactions are used internally, but you could use transactions like in your example. The "commit" is required if the the DataSet is set to no auto commit, e.g. cached updates. If I am wrong please correct me.
  2. Ruslan

    Internationalizing Applications

    I am trying to Internationalize a application using integrated Delphi feature using documentation. After the application is created I use "Resource DLL Wizard" and translated obtained forms. In documentation it is said that the application will automatically be translated by system locale settings, but also I would like to change the UI language from application settings. To test the application in different language I set the language from Project->Languages->Set Active, all builds and compiles but not working, an execution error rises Exception EResNotFound in module ExHome.exe at 00250A7D. Resource TfrmFDGUIxFormsError not found. Exception EClassNotFound in module ExHome.exe at 00065F62. Class TFDGUIxErrorDialog not found. Don't know how to fix that. Tried to remove FDGUIxWaitCursor and FDGUIxErrorDialog from project datamodule, but no luck. And the second question is how to change the language from application settings and use that language on next start? Can I save the current application language in a INI file? And how to add other translations for strings (messages, exceptions, etc.) used in units? Delphi 10.3 Application with FireDAC SQLite database
  3. Ruslan


    Never worked with SQLite before and now for my project need to use it but some questions and misunderstandings came on application model (VCL). I used to use GUID data type for unique records, in SQLite table the field 'uuid' is declared as binnary 'guid', and I created a trigger to generate the value, in application in FDConnection.Params.GUIDFormat=guiBinary, but when try to execute a clean FDQuery a message shows up: [FireDAC][DatS]-10. Fixed length column [uuid] data length mismatch. Value length - [32], column fixed length - [16]. changing FDConnection.Params.GUIDFormat=guiString show up a 'Wrong guid format error'. and here is the trigger for guid generation: CREATE TRIGGER demotable_after_insert AFTER INSERT ON demotable FOR EACH ROW WHEN (NEW.uuid IS NULL) BEGIN UPDATE demotable SET uuid = lower(hex(randomblob(16))) WHERE id = NEW.id; END So the question is how to deal with guids in Delphi+SQLite? Should I generate them from application? Do I need to make some mappings? The second question is about using generators for auto incremented fields, is this possible?
  4. Ruslan

    Problem with Logging on to my.embarcadero.com

    It works for me
  5. Ruslan

    Using VMWare: what files remain on host?

    Think VM as a computer, it's not a container (like docker or jail), so if you think of moving the IDE to the VM than you should move the project(s) to othe VM and all the dev tools needed for that project. I did like that. I've created a VM for Delphi development only, put my Delphi projects there and all the dev tools I need for my projects development, configured the git (git+TurtoiseGit+Bitbucket) and a additional a backup method. Every time I want to make some changes to my system (not in development manner), OS upgrade, IDE upgrade/downgrade - I make a full copy of my VM (because I have only a VMWare Player), but if you have a VMWare Workstation you could use the VM snapshot that is much comfortable.
  6. The question is good, an it is hard to answer. First of all you need to define/create the architecture of the cloud model, to specify the services you need and how to interact with each other, to take care of load balancing and resource consumption. When I migrated my desktop app to the cloud the first this I've done is splitting the functionalities of my app, not all but some (btw I use Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean, but not hard to do in in Azure too). Then create a cloud infrastructure model to chose the right cloud service to you app functionality, the best example here is the database and a rest api server. Also need to remember of security. In the end I've came out with a simple desktop application (because some of functionalities are translated to cloud services) the connects to the cloud and is secure, load balanced, and works from anywhere in the world. But, the easier and simple way is: Buy a vps with needed OS Put you application in there And run it
  7. Ruslan

    grid with expandable area below each row?

    I've seen something like that in EhLib
  8. Ruslan

    SslHttpClient Post problem

    Could it be in write permissions? Did you try to run the programm elevated?
  9. Maybe a stupid question but not for me at the moment. Need a way to draw rectangles on a canvas and then to make it possible to resize, move, delete or clone. That is needed to automate some process of segmentation objects (same kind of objects by rectangles with same aspect ratio) on a bunch of images (>100K). For now I can draw rectagles on a TImage canvas wthout any questions. But can't figure out how to select that rectangle with mouse, resize it, scale it and move. Or maybe should I look at shapes?
  10. Ruslan

    Delphi Licensing

    Did you try to run the installer with Run As Administrator? Did you installed on the same recovered drive? If not, do you have access to your old drive where RAD was installed?
  11. Ruslan

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    Same thing for me, AV on start
  12. Ruslan

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    If the question is about of language choice, than I would recommend (as I do for my projects): first of all I would prefer python for scientific calculations and operations, but I don't like it because of its script language and I couldn't compile it in a lib/dll/exe, even if I do use it in some projects than, if the choice for scientific calculations and operations was not in favor of python, I would chose C++, it could be used to build DLLs for later use and last but not least, I prefer Delphi for visual/database/networking applications programming, here I can use my DLLs created in C++ What I wanted to say is that you should not stop looking in one direction, there is no just one solution for developing a project, its up to you what to chose, but need to think before and model your project before all.
  13. Ruslan

    [Firebird] What DB to use for a demo

    Don't know if correctly understood the question ... I use IBExpert or DBeaver, they have some kind of demo data generator that can be used.
  14. Ruslan

    GetIt work-around

    So it was not "my" fault because my GetIt couldn't establish a connection for some days
  15. Ruslan

    Looking for beta testers of TFrameStand and TFormStand

    Trying to find Release Notes or Change log. Is there some of this?