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Windows Ini File Helper Unit

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Hi there,

i made a small unit to handle Ini Files on Windows Systems.


A Full Demo is included, build with D2010, should be compatible to any Version, may need other "Uses" Namespace.


Whats the point?

It read or write from/to Ini file.

Will automatic use "X:\Users\LoginName\AppData\Local\ExeName\" as folder to save to.

Foldername has a override feature.


ATM one problem occur when you use my try of implementing a crypt method, writing to file is good but decryption i made somewhere something wrong.


Have fun with it.


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Fixed Version.


XOR encryption & decryption is working.

Stream buffer is fixed too.




(i'd thought it's kinda a tutorial on how to play with Ini-Files on Windows systems, okay thank you for moving)


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I will update again very soon.

ATM Replacing XOR with AES128.

Added keyname crypting aswell.


Adding Crypt Variant for everything. ( TDateTime is for now my enemy o_O )



additional pump all in a class for OOP :-]

single calls resides for quick usage.


Any more Ideas, wishes, suggestions, bugs?

Feel free to tell.

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Does it support duplicated key names? e.g. PHP.ini uses for listing multiple extensions


;extension=pgsql <-- toggling commented keys would be a plus 😛 (just kidding)








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From point of now it does not support duplicates nor comments. It wont beautify target .ini. It just work 🙂


In attachment is a Build where i started make a Class of it, Only String and Integer are supported by now.

AES128 encryption has been added.


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