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[iOS] XCode 11 iPhone iOS13.2 preparing debug image

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When you wont get ready in time with your XCode 11 installation and iOS 13.2 preparation of the phone,

just watch this.


That happens to me right now,

and I just decide to choose the 15 minutes wait version, since the other options didn't help :classic_sad:


I should clarify that this is another Apple issue (not Delphi), as there were too many issues in iOS 13 for the last weeks.
Would like to get on going soon.



Yes it seems IOS 13.2 was a Beta version, but it was installing with no special note.
Of coarse now XCode 11.1 cannot get development access to this, and I don't want to install the next XCode 11.1 beta really.

Nevertheless, I will have to forget my iPhone test device for a while, and check further with another one.


Unbelievable that my phone could make a Beta update, without presenting the stable version as normally, or any question before.

So my advice: Never do updates on iOS beta versions, or you're in trouble.


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Pretty sure Delphi can at least deploy to iOS 13.2 devices using Xcode 11.2 beta. I know for sure that Delphi 10.3.2 cannot debug for iOS 13.2 devices, though.



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Probably yes, its NOT an Delphi issue.


But I cannot get even close to this, since XCode doesn't want to speak with the iPhone at all.

It cannot even fix anything or build and compile an empty XCode app.

Maybe one way would be to install older debug images on the phone, but I still have not figured out how that can be done

in 100% safe and secure way.
No time at the moment to fumble around with iOS, I still have to test Android 64 compatibility.




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Just to let you know:

About 4 days ago the official XCode 11.2 came out, which I just installed and tested.

Now iOS 13.2 works fine again, XCode can deploy the debug image, and I can debug and test as usual.


The problem was that my iPhone was installing a beta version (13.2), which was only supported by a beta XCode 11.2 at that time, without any notice.

Maybe the reason was that Apple released the IOS 13.2 (final) BEFORE the according XCode 11.2 was released.

During that time gap this will break debugging, affect app-store approvals (if I would have installed an XCode beta release), and so on.

Various headaches, so I will check how I could better prevent unwanted updates in the future.


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