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SelectCopyFileList ignores IgnorePaths below COMPILER10_UP.

a workaround would be


{$IFDEF COMPILER10_UP}   { only supported D2006 and later }
    IgnorePathList.StrictDelimiter := True;
    IgnorePathList.DelimitedText := AnsiLowerCase (IgnorePaths) ;
    IgnorePathList.DelimitedText := '"' + StringReplace(AnsiLowerCase(IgnorePaths), IgnorePathList.Delimiter, '"' + IgnorePathList.Delimiter + '"', [rfReplaceAll]) + '"';

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19 minutes ago, Angus Robertson said:

Yes, I was being lazy and hoping no-one would use that feature on Delphi 7, I'll add your fix next week.




thanks a lot

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