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Maria Makki

Fatal Error Bad unit format when compiling our application under 64-bit

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We are using Delphi XE7. We are getting the error below when compiling our application under the 64-bit target.


[dcc64 Fatal Error] wavetype.pas(4): F2048 Bad unit format: 'C:\Delphi ICS\icsv858\Lib\Debug\Win32\XE7\OverByteIcsFtpSrvT.dcu' - Expected version: 28.0, Windows Unicode(x64) Found version: 28.0, Windows Unicode(x86)


We downloaded the latest version (V8.58) of the ICS components from this web site: http://www.overbyte.eu/frame_index.html


When we unzip we get the attached folder structure. All we see is the Win 32 folders no Win 64. 


What are we missing


Thanks for all your help.



ICS Download Page.jpg

ICS Folder Stucture.jpg

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So you have built and installed all the component packages with 64-bit targets?  And only have the 64-bit library paths for your application?   The install group project for each compiler has a Build Group pane that builds for 32 and 64-bit platforms automatically.  Your screen shot above should show Release/Win64 and Release/Win32 paths so you have done something unusual. 


Having said that, when doing releases I only build for the D2007 and latest compilers, not the dozens of others, some no longer have licenses available...  But they built when last the latest and have all the new units since.



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Hello Angus,


No, we didn't think of that. But it makes perfect sense. We installed the DXe7Install.groupproj and DXe7InstallVclFmx.groupproj. Do we do the same under 64-bit.


Attached is the only instructions we found on the web for installing the ICS components. As you can see they are quite old. There are no instructions on how to install the ICS components in the downloaded zip file. 



Installing ICS in Delphi.txt

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The install instructions are in readme8.txt in the ICS root.  You only install one of those groups, depending on whether you want just VCL or VCL and FMX. 



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