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Apple Pay / Google Pay - get card token for PayLane

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does anyone have an idea how (using FMX for iOS/Android) check and get saved card tokens so it can be used for payments?


I use PayLane for payments, my setup is that mobile app talks with my WebAPI on Azure and from there it does request to PayLane REST API. It works great for ordinary credit card payments, but more and more people start using phones for paying (it is convenient and you don't have to swiping your credit card). PayLane offers two endpoints just for that:




It is easy to use 🙂


...but how to get those tokens?


I would need help/guidance from more experienced users.



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On 11/17/2019 at 8:59 PM, Dave Nottage said:

Does this have anything to do with it?



No, nothing actually.


This is what I have already and the case here is customer must provide card data, meaning you take out your card from wallet and re-type numbers. Once that done, you can store ID and re-use it for re-sale etc.


But more and more people are using phones that stores "tokenized" card data so you do not have to re-type anything, if you want to buy something, you do it at one-click.


I'm searching on how to use those PayLane gateways with iOS and Android, but it may seems to be impossible? I'm now looking for native developers that writes in JAVA/Obj-C/Swift and have such experience.


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I have some budget, if anyone have experience in such stuff, please do let me know if you would be interested in this, then we can cut-deal for some paid work.


Many thanks!

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18 hours ago, John Kouraklis said:

I have the impression that you can get the tokens from paylane. Other APIs have an endpoint.


Maybe you can ask them

Nope, this is not the way it works.


As per instructions: this PayLane method allows to perform payments by using tokens provided by ApplePay / GooglePay. And now I try to figure it out🙂 


The exact quote is this:


Google Pay™ lets your customers pay with the press of a button — using payment methods saved to their Google Account.

Customer payment data is end-to-end encrypted from Google’s servers to your payment processor.


If user is logged on Android device with Google Account where the card is already added, you only get the token from it and pass it to the PayLane gateway.


And guess what, Google Web API works for that nicely, but I have to ask user to login separately to Google Account using TWebBrowser, then I can process it via JavaScript, get the token from Google and use PayLane gateway to process the payment. This unfortunately requires separate logging and I think should be doable using Android API - by using wallet service, I'm looking into that now 🙂 


The same is valid for Apple, but have no clue how to start, I'm going thru Apple docs and will talk with one Obj-C developer next week.


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