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Server Image Files corrupting *(NOT)

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I'm getting corruption on serving up image files either

- old internet style top say 1/4 of image is correct then some noise and then Black (or what ever depending on browser)


Images vary from 80k to 2.4M and are similar in % displayed 


To demonstrate / reproduce I edited the HTML is the overByteICSWebSevr sample @1253

Image is in the TemplateDirEdit directory and my added HTML is 


'<img src="CustomLogo.jpg" alt="Logo" />' +


I put this after the </FORM> tag in CreateVirtualDocument_ViewFormUpload


this was the only change to the sample code


current check out is 1440 - v8.63 Part 5

Edited by lindenR

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Not aware of any file download problems with the web server, my clients access thousands of files daily, for 10 years.  I'll put this on the list to test, but it will take a while. 




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Apologies - a pair of stuffups caused this - in my code I was calling sendDoc twice and in the testing I was using the wrong dir and seeing cached files 😞


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