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[Android, AppBundle] Create an additional upload key

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Hi there,

I an checking how existing apps could move flawlessly from APK towards the new AAB AppBundle, and I think it makes sense to have two different keys for
one for app-signing (which is then hold at Google, after sign in to AppBundle) and one for uploading the app.


There description of how the new upload keystore's might be generated, and how certificate can be extracted from such keystore from AndroidStudio.



After you create your upload key and keystore, you need to generate a public certificate from your upload key using keytool, with the following command:

$ keytool -export -rfc
  -keystore your-upload-keystore.jks
  -alias upload-alias
  -file output_upload_certificate.pem

Unfortunately the RadStudio's "create new keystore" option will only create .keystore files, and the explanation above is for a keystore in .jks format.

I naively thought that the keytool command above could work with any format (incl. .keystore), but I get a message that it cannot read the key.


Firstly I must explain that there were at least two keytool's: one in Java JDK1.8.0_60 and one in Java JRE1.8.0_60 directory,

I considered both should be 1:1 the same EXE, but they aren't.

After some investigation I have choosen the JDK1.8.0_60, since this should be the right choice, but I can be wrong.


Does anybody have a clue howto create a new .keystore and upload this to Google PlayStore, to be used as new upload keystore ?

Maybe this can be done only by mailing to Google support and adding an upload certificate (which can be downloaded in the PlayStore AppSignature section).
But that doesn't really make sense to me.


For the app-signing first time, I can use the PEPK.jar tool, which can be downloaded to extract the certificate from a given .keystore,
I would expect a similar mechanism for changing upload keystores, but I cannot find it.











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